With cut tires and a ton of power on tap, big things were expected out of Shawn Baca, who’d be running strong all weekend. After running 8s in the drags and coming a blade away from 2,400 hp on the dyno, Baca yanked the sled 324 feet to ensure a strong overall finish.

Distancing From Trucks And Approaching Rockets!

Owning a powerful truck is tough because there’s always a desire to see how much faster and stronger the truck can get. It’s a hole because people will get addicted to modifying their truck and eventually their savings go down the drain. Safe spending strategies and self-control prevents these problems, however, you can observe and celebrate others’ trucks with a sense of appreciation. The reality is that there’s always a faster car or truck so sometimes you simply have to sit back and enjoy other’s work knowing that their vehicles might be faster, stronger, and louder. An important reminder is also that the more you modify a vehicle, the more dangerous it can be, so analyze the risk and reward before going all-in for your truck. Here’s a collection of some trucks with mind-blowing power!

The 177mph 1,400-HP Duramax Rocket

’48 Fiat: John Robinson’s Power Service Altered

2,200-HP Common Rail Injection Engine

Alter Ego: 2,700 HP Worth of Sled-Smashing Fury

Top Fuel’s 2,000-HP Truck

Oversize Load: The 3,000-HP Sled Killer

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