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Old Ford, New Tricks

Stroke Works Diesel Specialties’ new shop truck looks a lot different after a host of new-age upgrades made it onto their OBS. In just two months’ time, the company’s 25-year-old Ford went from stock to rock thanks to an ’05 Super Duty axle swap from RYD Motorsports, One Up Offroad axle trusses, traction bars, coil levelers, adjustable link arms, steering stabilizer and diff covers, and Fox shocks, Icon front springs, extended rear leaf springs from Deaver, and Airlift air springs. Waking up the 7.3L Power Stroke, a set of Unlimited Diesel Performance 250/80 hybrid injectors, an DieselSite Adrenaline HPOP, Jelibuilt tuning, and a Stage 3 KC Turbos Super Duty turbocharger got the nod. ARP head studs, new carpet, Katzkin leather, and a Craft Customs steering wheel made the list, too.





P-pumped 7.3L To Hit The Winter Indoor Pulling Circuit

With Covid-19 disrupting most of the Jumping Jack Flash Pro Stock Pulling Team’s plans last winter, the guys behind the JJF Ford plan to make the rounds along the indoor circuit after Christmas. And with their common-rail 6.7L Power Stroke on its way back to Hypermax for the winter, the crew will be campaigning its other Hypermax power plant—its coveted P-pumped 7.3L. Rumor has it that a compound turbo system and a larger P-pump will feed the 7.3L all the boost and fuel it can handle when it enters Freedom Hall for the Super Stock class matinee at the National Farm Machinery Show in February.



Carolina Squat Outlawed

At last, the world can rest easy. The “Carolina Squat” has been made illegal—and in North Carolina of all places… The extreme, reverse rake look was outlawed (signed into law by Governor Roy Cooper) and took effect the first week of December. Ultimately, safety risks including loss of visibility due to the lifted front-end and blinding headlight aim, led to the proposed law becoming reality. In an accident, the heightened front-end of these trucks is also believed to pose an exceptional risk to smaller, passenger vehicles. As neighboring South Carolina looks to pass similar legislation, squatted truck enthusiasts are already turning to air spring systems to keep them legal on the street but squattable at truck shows.



DDP Steps Up Its Fuel Technology Game

With emissions becoming more and more stringent, and as many companies are faced with deciding whether or not they want to invest in diesel technology for the future or hang it up, Dynomite Diesel Products has chosen to go full speed ahead. They are the first aftermarket company to own this flow meter and abrasive flow stand. To give you an idea of how impressive this purchase it, Bosch, Cummins, CAT, and all the big name manufacturers use this same tool. With the newfound capabilities this flow meter will provide, look for the team at DDP to offer even better products in the future.



Oh So Clean – OBS Ford

There is nothing quite like a mint condition ’94.5-’97 old body style Ford, and this candidate—which will be up for sale at auction on very soon—is as clean as they come. The SuperCab, long bed, 4×4 XLT-trim F-250 has just 72,000 actual miles on the odometer and the non-intercooled 7.3L Power Stroke under the hood is backed by the E4OD automatic transmission. The last OBS that passed through the doors of Underdog Diesel, a 94,000-mile survivor with a rebuilt title sold for $25,000. Expect this one, which is a bit cleaner and obviously has lower mileage, to go for at least $30K.




OEM News

2021 F-Series Super Duty
Ford F-Series On Pace To Be The Best-Selling Truck For 45 Years Running

All indications are that by year’s end Ford will claim its 45th consecutive year of producing the best-selling trucks in America. Through November, F-series sales totaled 663,508 units, which is 144,049 trucks ahead of Ford’s closest competitor. Ford’s total pickup truck sales figures have climbed 15.8-percent compared to a year ago, with overall sales checking in at 70,839 in November. Commercial vehicle sales were up 42-percent in November also, with F-650 and F-750 sales numbers up 23.4-percent overall compared to a year ago. Beyond just trucks, for the third consecutive month Ford proved to be America’s best-selling automaker—a feat it last accomplished in 1974.




Parts Rack

Clean Lines And Timeless Designs

The Super Single line of wheels from American Force never gets old, and one of its hottest sellers (and arguably best looking wheels) is the H31 Spirit SS series. Over the years, the company’s Super Single series has remained true to the fundamentals of what makes a great wheel: clean lines, timeless design, and a perfect finish. The H31 Spirit SS is available in 15 different sizes (20×9, 20×10, 20×12, 20×14, 22×10, 22×11, 22×12, 22×14, 22×16, 24×11, 24×12, 24×14, 26×12, 26×14, and 26×16) and in signature high-polish aluminum, black and machined, or solid black finishes.



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