Your magazine is great, and the tech articles are very helpful. I’ve seen stories on water-meth kits but they didn’t say how fast it burns or if you can run just water. The DEF article in the September 2014 issue was very helpful.

I was wondering if there are any products for the new Ram 3.0L diesel. I haven’t seen any advertisements for them. Any info you could give me would be great. The 2014 Ram 1500 will be my first diesel truck.

Thanks for the help. I look forward to my next issue of Diesel World.

Garrett Weaver

Smithfield, NC

We always love to hear from our readers. Having driven the Ram 1500 with the EcoDiesel, we can say that you won’t be disappointed with it. It makes good power and the economy is the best of any truck in its class.

As for aftermarket products for the new Ram 1500, all the parts that fit the gas trucks will also fit the diesel, with the exception of the engine-related stuff. Mopar has a wide range of stuff for these trucks and some of it can be ordered at the dealer when you buy the truck, and sometimes they will fold cost into the purchase price. Unfortunately, the engine-related parts will take a while to come to market. This is always the case with a new model or a new engine. It’s most assured that you will see replacement air filters first, followed by air intake systems. Tuners are also likely to be in the mix, but don’t expect them for a year or so.

When you get your new Ram 1500 with the EcoDiesel, send us a letter or better yet a photo and some text for Readers Rides. We’d enjoy sharing your diesel tale with our other readers.


I need assistance posting to your Readers’ Rides column. I was just wondering how I can send photos and a description of my dad’s truck that we custom built at home. It’s an eight-door Ford Super Duty with tons of engine and tranny work, and a King Ranch interior. Is there a link on your site to send in via Email or by regular mail?

Nick Hill

Via Email

We always like to see our readers’ rigs and love when we get readers’ rides submissions. Some of our readers say it’s their favorite department. You and others can see your diesel truck, car or whatever on the pages or our magazine with a few simple steps. The Readers Rides’ submissions require at least one photo along with the details of your rig.

When submitting your diesel to us for Readers’ Rides, we must have a high-resolution photo. This means that the photo properties should show as 1mb or larger in size. In truth, we need clean shots that are from 1 to 3mbs in size, as anything smaller just doesn’t print well on paper and larger files are hard to Email. You can send more than one photo as we sometimes use detail shots too. While many cellphones take photos large enough in size, sometimes we find those submissions were shot in low resolution or small size, and just aren’t large enough for print use. Always set your photo size to large, no matter what you’re using for a camera. Be sure to attach the photos as an Email attachment. Putting them in the body of the Email can make the photos unusable for us.

Be sure to take your time and compose the shot. Be sure to check what’s in the background, and remember, if you wouldn’t want the shot framed and on your desk, it most likely won’t work for Readers’ Rides.

Perhaps the most important thing to send along with your photo submission is the details about your diesel or diesels. Consider what you’d like to read about someone else’s rig and tell us those facts about yours. What year, make and model is it? What have you done to it? What do you use your diesel for? Who helped you with the build? How long have you had it and is this your first or your 50th diesel? These are all parts of what helps us tell your story.

Send your readers rides submission to:

Readers’ Rides, dw-rides@beckett.com.

Or via mail to:

Diesel World Magazine

Readers’ Rides Dept.

22840 Savi Ranch Parkway, Suite 200

Yorba Linda, CA 92806

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