Plug-in EV (electric vehicle)

Study Finds That Fuel Costs of EV’s Overtake Those Of Gas-Powered Cars

In a study put together by Anderson Economic Group (AEG) and as reported in the Epoch Times, a typical middle-of-the-road priced car powered by an internal combustion engine costs 31 cents less to top off than a typical middle-of-the-road priced EV charged at an owner’s residence ($11.29 per 100 miles driven vs. $11.60).

This is reportedly the first time an ICE vehicle has been cheaper to refuel than an EV in 18 months. Within the study, AEG lists a Chevrolet Bolt EV, Volkswagen ID.4, and Nissan Leaf as middle-of-the-road priced EV’s. If this holds true, it won’t bode well for EV’s, especially because gas prices are known to fluctuate while electric rates are known to increase and stay there.

Source:The Epoch Times

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