Against the Grain: 3,000-HP Triple Turbo Puller

Super Stock diesel trucks have gotten downright crazy over the last several years. With somewhere around 3,000 hp being the norm now, these tiltbody, tube chassis earth pounders are nothing less than exhilarating to watch. And now that they’re making more power than any track can hold, it’s become a driver’s game more than anything else.

Reading the track, picking the right line, smoothly pouring on the power, and applying that power at precisely the right time all have to be executed perfectly if you want to win. With hopes of becoming one of the Super Stock class’s elite drivers, Cody Hastings, owner of the Against the Grain Ram you see here, has sought out the expertise of former champion Shane Kellogg and industry legend Van Haisley over the course of the last two seasons—and it’s beginning to pay off.

THE SUPER B Hastings’

Ram relies on the same proven engine package that’s bolstered a handful of drivers to the top of the Super Stock ranks: the venerable “Super B” Cummins built by Haisley Machine. The  lled, sleeved, deck plated 6.7L block is furnished with a factory crank (secured via girdle and 14mm main studs), billetsteel rods, and low-compression forged-aluminum pistons. The hard parts that allow the Super B to breathe consist of a high-lift roller cam, extensively ported 12-valve competition head from Hamilton Cams, and a ZZ Custom Fabrication stainless steel individual runner intake manifold.

A Sigma injection pump forces massive amounts of fuel through 0.120-inch stainless steel lines and ultimately the injectors. Sourced through Columbus Diesel Supply, the cast-aluminum Sigma features 16mm plungers and barrels (vs. 12mm stock), and has been the pump of choice in the Super Stock class for years.
Supplying the mechanical Sigma pump WITH 85 psi of fuel pressure is a 700gph Waterman lift pump. Both the Sigma and gear-driven Waterman unit mount to a Haisley Machine billetaluminum front cover. As for the fuel itself, Hastings runs Number 2 diesel blended with Haisley’s proprietary Red Heat performance additive.

Three turbos, arranged in a two-stage configuration, combine to produce 130 psi of boost. Twin HC5A Holset-based chargers from Columbus Diesel Supply act as one large atmospheric (low-pressure) unit, while a ball-bearing turbo gets things started at the exhaust manifold. For uncompromised reliability, the turbos have their own dedicated dry sump oiling system. A four-core water-to-air intercooler from Precision Turbo & Engine cools off the superheated intake air on its way into the engine.

At the heart of Cody Hastings’ 2010 Ram sits the venerable “Super B” Cummins, which was built by Haisley Machine.
Producing 130 psi of boost for the Cummins to ingest is a two-stage turbocharger configuration that utilizes three turbos. The two units shown are HC5A-based Holsets built by Columbus Diesel Supply, which effectively serve as one large atmospheric turbo. Sitting behind them, bolted to a T6 flanged Steed Speed exhaust manifold, is a Holset-based unit with a ball bearing center cartridge. To ensure it won’t overspeed, the manifold charger is wastegated, feeding drive pressure into one of two hood stacks.
Matching the radical camshaft used in the Haisley Super B engine, a filled 12-valve cylinder head from Hamilton Cams is employed. For ultimate internal air flow, the cast head has been extensively ported to Haisley’s specs, along with being equipped with larger intake and exhaust valves. By using the Hamilton head, less overall boost can be run (130 psi vs. 150 psi on the Super Stock engines of yesteryear) yet more horsepower can be made. In conjunction with the nearindestructible bottom end, this head is a big reason why the engine produces more than 3,000 hp.


The 12-valve Hamilton head has been modified to accept International DT466-style injectors from Columbus Diesel Supply. The injectors are of a triple-feed design and feature custom (big x large) 5-hole nozzles.


At this horsepower level, a dry sump oil system isn’t a recommendation—it’s a requirement for utmost engine performance and reliability. The external oil pump used in this system features two pressure stages, seven scavenge stages, and according to the folks at Haisley Machine provides the engine 150 psi of oil pressure.
Positioned in the middle of the Barker Machine tube-chassis frame sits a Pro Fab Machine quick-change transfer case (drop box). Up ahead of it lies a Pro Fab one-speed Reverser transmission, and a four-disc Haisley Machine/Molinari Racing Products clutch dwelling in a Browell bellhousing.
A massive Rockwell SQHD rear axle is fitted with 6.17 gears, SCS solid axleshafts, an SCS spool, and a fabricated axle housing from Barker Machine, which with no rear suspension to speak of is essentially part of the truck’s frame. An F106 axle can be found up front. It’s equipped with military steering knuckles, a Detroit locker, and solid, 2.5-inch diameter axleshafts. Each axle transmits power to a pair of 15×18-inch Real Racing Wheels. Each wheel is fitted with a cut tire measuring 34×18.0x15 inches.

The wild fuel system on the Super B incorporates some of the most exotic components in the diesel industry. With its ability to inject massive amounts of fuel in a very short time window, a 16mm Sigma injection pump is employed. And after being supplied 85 psi worth of fuel pressure courtesy of a gear-driven Waterman fuel pump, the Sigma feeds six DT466-style triple-feed injectors from Columbus Diesel Supply. All told, the engine produces more than 3,000 hp and 3,500 lb-ft of torque.


In case you were wondering, the truck’s driveline is more than capable of coping with the stresses dished out by the 3,000hp Cummins. Power transfer begins with a 4-disc, Haisley-spec’d Molinari Racing Products clutch, and is backed by a Pro Fab Machine one-speed Reverser transmission and quick-change transfer case. Done-up Rockwell SQHD (rear) and F106 (front) axles close the deal in getting power to all four wheels.

The truck’s ’10 Quad Cab body was built by GTS Fiberglass & Design—the same place that builds all the monster truck bodies. The body itself weighs less than 200 pounds. After a bright yellow clearcoat and base, the body was treated to some of the highest quality airbrushing we’ve seen.
As a fourth-generation farmer looking after 4,500 acres and more than 350 head of cattle, Hastings wanted to represent the family farm’s heritage as best he could. His great grandpa can be seen aboard a corn picker on the left-hand side of the weight box, his Uncle Brett (who tragically passed away in 1998) is shown front and center, and some images that represent the present day status of their operation are shown on the right. On the other side of the weight box you’ll find a four-core water-to-air intercooler from Precision Turbo & Engine, which cools off compressed intake air by several hundred degrees.

A rookie in the Super Stock class, Hastings knows that more seat time will yield better consistency in the years ahead. As he grows more comfortable behind the wheel—and continues to tap into the vast knowledge base provided by Shane Kellogg and Van Haisley—wins will start to come his way. We think it’s only a matter of time before this truck becomes a consistent front-runner in diesel’s most prestigious pulling class. DW



OWNER: Cody Hastings
HOMETOWN: Ashville, OH
ENGINE: 6.4L “Super B” Cummins built by Haisley Machine
BLOCK: Concrete  lled, sleeved with  re rings, deckplated 6.7L block with crankcase girdle, 14mm ARP main studs, stock 6.7L crank, billet-steel connecting rods, forged-aluminum low-compression pistons, high-lift billet-steel roller cam
HEAD: Hamilton Cams cast (and  lled) 12-valve head with Haisley-spec’d porting, oversize intake and exhaust valves, roller rockers, competition valve springs and pushrods, 14mm ARP head studs
FUEL: Columbus Diesel Supply 16mm Sigma injection pump, Columbus Diesel Supply triple-feed, 5-hole, DT466- based injectors, 0.120-inch stainless steel injection lines, 700gph gear-driven Waterman lift pump
AIR: Two-stage turbocharger arrangement with two Columbus Diesel Supply HC5A-based Holset turbos, one ball-bearing Holset manifold turbo with wastegate, ZZ Custom Fabrication stainless steel individual runner intake manifold, T6  ange Steed Speed exhaust manifold COOLING: Precision Turbo & Engine four-core water-toair intercooler, 10-nozzle EGT and boost-triggered waterinjection system
TRANSMISSION: Pro Fab Machine one-speed Reverser and Quick-change transfer case with 4-disc Haisley Machine/Molinari Racing Products clutch
HORSEPOWER: 3,000+ hp (engine dyno)
TORQUE: 3,500+ lb-ft (engine dyno)
TIRES: 34×18.0x15 Dick Cepek Giant Pullers (front), 34×18.0x15 Pitbull Super Pullers (rear)
WHEELS: 15×18-inch Real Racing Wheels
BODY: 2010 Ram Quad Cab from GTS Fiberglass & Design
FRAME: 2-inch diameter, 0.125-inch wall tube chassis built by Barker Machine
AXLES: Rear Rockwell SQHD with SCS solid axleshafts, SCS spool, Barker Machine fabricated axle housing and 6.17 ring and pinion, front F106 with military steering knuckles, Detroit locker, solid 2.5-inch axleshafts, 6.17 ring and pinion.

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