5 BLACKED OUT GM RIGS - Diesel World

A Symbol Of Power

Diesel trucks typically don’t have a set of colors that are considered the best because the build is mostly dependent upon the owner’s style and the trucks’ various external modifications. Some trucks look good in red, blue, or white. However, the one color that always seems to fits big and burly trucks is black. The dark impressions of black create a feeling of power and mystery for the truck which is exactly what competitors likely feel when racing against these rigs. It must not be overlooked though, the paint only scratches the surface of what most of these trucks can do. These diesel rigs are modified with precise analysis to ensure it’s performing exceptionally in the desired fields. Take a look at these five blacked-out GM rigs and use them as inspiration to continue working on your build or to go out and start working on a project truck!

D-Max Powered Classic Street/Strip Chevy

Black Menace

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Hummin’ Cummins

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