Make Your Presence Known!

Having a loud horn is a crucial asset for people that use their trucks in work environments. Some construction sites can be very loud due to heavy equipment and you have to be able to communicate with workers while moving around supplies and various materials. Also many diesel trucks back in and out of spaces with trailers and letting people know you’re moving is very important. By having a horn on your truck, you’re investing in the safety of your coworkers at your job sites and the other people that come near your truck in public. Additionally, some trucks are so loud from their exhaust that their stock horns don’t have the same effect, so the upgrade restores that purpose of the horn. Check out these horn installs and upgrades and do some research about what horns fit your truck best and positioning!

Kleinn HK9 Train Horn System

Ram Air Horn Install

From Train to Truck: We install a Kleinn ProBlaster Complete Triple Train Horn Kit on a Dodge 2500 RAM

If your truck has some badass horns, take a picture and post it up on Instagram or Facebook. Once you do that, if you tag us, we might post your picture! Stay safe and get some horns!

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