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Red Is Dead!

Whenever you make your way to a shooting range, the instructors will always tell you “red is dead”, because that’s when the weapon can fire and the safety isn’t in the “on” position. Well when it comes to these trucks, they’re always in the firing position and ready to apply all of its power at will. These red trucks are tall, mean, and strong and will demolish any competition that makes its way towards them, so tread with care. Don’t be too scared though, these red rigs are extremely dependable and won’t let you down if you give them the proper respect needed. Check out these bright red rigs!

Resto Ram: Cummins-Powered ’85 Dodge W350 Crew Cab

Built, Not Bought: Bright Red ’09 Ram 2500

Lubbock Knight: 5 Knights’ Clean And Mean 2014 Ram 2500

Cummins Gone Crazy

Whip Lash: A 2009 Ram Built for Speed