Trucks of the Week


Pro Street Record-Setters

The action in the Outlaw Diesel Super Series’ Pro Street field has been hot for years, but now it’s boiling over. At the latest ODSS event, Rocky Top Diesel Shootout, Firepunk Diesel’s Josh Scruggs and Stainless Diesel’s Johnny Gilbert both set new records. This past Friday, Scruggs put his standard cab common-rail third-gen Dodge through the eighth-mile in 4.86 seconds (at 144 mph) during qualifying, setting a new E.T. record for Pro Street. That same night, Gilbert would beat all of his previous best 5.0 efforts with a 4.92-second pass at a smoldering 155.7 mph—the new trap speed high mark in Pro Street. The best part? Plenty of racing is still to come in 2020.





4 Hooks, 4 Wins

We’ve featured him in the pages of Diesel World before as a drag racer, but now Evan Rusk is trying his hand in truck pulling. It’s still a drag race in the sense that the first one to drag the 40,000-pound sled past 300 feet usually takes the win, and it seems to be coming naturally for Evan. Most recently, his 6.7L-powered third-gen has definitely been in its element. Recently, Evan has been on cruise control, compiling four wins in four hooks while competing in the Indiana Pulling League’s 2.6 class. His menacing, bright red Cummins is backed by Fleece Performance Engineering and Freedom Racing Engines.





He’s Back…

After selling his ’66 Chevy Nova, the green machine that shook things up in the radial tire world for several years and dipped into the low 4’s at one point, Ryan Milliken will soon be back in the saddle in a different car. His latest ride, a ’69 Nova, comes from the Tin Soldier Racecars side of the tracks, and was purchased as an unfinished project. As Ryan continues to ready his latest Nova to do battle, there is no word on whether or not it will also compete in X275 or not, but a 2,000hp Freedom Racing Engines’ Cummins will once again get the nod as his power plant of choice. Look for the car’s first unveiling to take place at the PRI Show in December.





1,000HP L5P

It happened. Wehrli Custom Fabrication and All In Truck Performance have collaborated on a 1,000-rwhp L5P Duramax build. A WCFab S400 single turbo install kit, fitted with a 73mm G42-1200 Garrett (73/85/1.01) charger, Exergy 100-percent over L5P injectors, a custom Exergy 12mm stroker CP3, and a 165-gph lift pump system highlight its power-making recipe. A built Allison backs up the late-model Chevrolet’s 1,007 hp and 1,522 lb-ft of torque. But how is the factory rotating assembly holding up with that much power on tap? So far so good on what we presume is a bone-stock long block!






The Big Winners From Tennessee

Despite rain showers disturbing some of the action, the seventh annual Rocky Top Diesel Shootout was pulled off over the weekend—and it proved to be the most exciting ODSS race so far this season. On top of making his first 4-second passes and setting the new Pro Street record for trap speed, Johnny Gilbert also went on to claim the all-important W. In Pro Dragster, Jared Jones guided the Scheid Diesel rail to a 4.13-second pass at 179 mph and then picked up the victory. The Pro Mod trophy went to Larson Miller in the Hot Shot’s Secret S10, Logan Epling took top honors in 5.90 Index, and Landon Miller picked up the 6.70 win. In 7.70 Index, Ryan Riddle once again stole the show, Ken Phillips got back in the winner’s circle in E.T. Bracket, and Art Maupin defeated Dorian Reyna for the Grudge match belt.




Emissions Talk


U.S. EPA Proposing GHG Emission Standards for Aircraft

For the first time in history, the EPA has proposed rules to control greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions for certain types of commercial airplanes. The emission rules would bring U.S. requirements into lock-step with the 2017 CO2 standards put forth by the UN International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), with the goal of dropping aircraft GHG emissions on new aircraft by 4-percent over a 12-year period. If the proposed standards are put into effect, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) will adopt a new set of airplane certification mandates in order to comply with the new regulations.






A 2,400HP Baseline?

Leave it to Dynomite Diesel Products to begin a dyno session with 2,385 hp… With the deck-plated Cummins  parked on the engine dyno at Perkins Diesel, it belted out the number with just 1,200 microseconds worth of duration. The competition-ready Cummins sports a massive set of DDP injectors, a 4.4-inch turbo from JEB Modern Machines, and is tuned by Breakout Tuning’s Jarid Vollmer.




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