Double Down Diesel and Fluidampr

Double Down Diesel relies on Fluidampr

Double Down Diesel relies on Fluidampr

In the little town of Chittenango, NY lies the shop Double Down Diesel. Owners Travis and Jen Pushlar operate their family-owned business along with the help of their son. Fluidampr is their choice of dampers for their business and their Pulling Trucks.

We talked to Travis and Jen about their business and their Limited Pro Stock pulling trucks. How using Fluidampr both in their business and on their engines help protect their investment. “I started using Fluidampr years ago when we really started taking it seriously and wanted to keep my engine happy at the higher RPMs it was running at. I researched dampers and found the best design by far was from Fluidampr.”  Find out more on the Fluidampr blogr. Find out more on the Fluidampr blogr.


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