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DW-DIESELNEWS-019-second Dodge for Sale

Want to go fast? If you’re looking for a turn-key, full-size diesel that can dominate the track, meet Nick Eklund’s ’06 Dodge Ram 2500. It packs a 3,000-mile Comp 6.4 Cummins from Black’s Diesel with 500-percent over Exergy injectors, twin 12mm CP3’s, and a triple-turbo arrangement with two Forced Inductions ETR S476’s as atmosphere chargers and an ETR S488 on a Steed Speed T6 manifold. The 48RE was put together by CG Diesel Performance Transmissions, and with a host of Goerend internals (including their constant pressure valvebody and 17-250 torque converter). So far, the truck has been 9.21 at 148 mph… Sounds like fun!




Blown to Pieces

With north of 3,000 hp and some stupid boost pressure on tap, Super Stock tractors and Hot-Rod semis have always lent themselves to the kind of occasional engine carnage that grabs headlines. Such was the case for Brenda Shanklin and the Black Sheep 20,000-pound Dodge on Saturday night in Ellsworth, Wisconsin. As the big-rig was grinding to a halt with the sled in tow, the block split just above the crankshaft, ejecting the remaining portion of the sleeved crankcase, the head, and turbos completely out of the truck, and taking the hood with it. The crank, rods, and pistons were found still in place between the truck’s frame rails.



No Prep, No Problem

Staying sharp before the next ODSS series race, Larson Miller and the Firepunk team entered the Save the Racks S10 in the Judgement Day 2.0 no prep race at Kilkare Dragway in Xenia, Ohio over the weekend. But how did the Pro Mod diesel fair against some of the quickest gassers around? Miller made it through four rounds of eliminations before being beaten, despite the track not holding the type of power the S10 is capable of making and the fact that they had to add weight to meet the 4,000-pound minimum. Rumor has it that the little “tractor-engine’d S10” was the talk of the track after its impressive showing.



Randy Reyes’ Hunt for Horsepower

With Alligator Performance’s Hunting for Horsepower taking place in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho over the weekend, Randy Reyes couldn’t stay away. He made the 700-mile trek from Tooele, Utah (rather quickly, we might add) to turn his 2,200hp, triple-turbo ’06 Dodge, best known as Red Delicious, loose in the dirt drags and sled pull. And even though the 7,700-pound dually broke a maraging steel intermediate shaft during the dirt drags, he and his crew from Randy’s Transmissions had the 48RE repaired in time for the truck pulls only a few hours later.



Turnkey Show-Winner

If you’re looking for an attention-grabbing, lightly-used, late-model truck for work, play, or show, check out this ’16 Ram 2500. For sale by Flight Fabrications, the 23,000-mile crew cab, long bed, Big Horn trim Ram sports Flight’s full air ride suspension with an Accuair management system that conceals the compressors inside the tanks, paint-matched bumpers, mirrors, and grille, custom-painted Morimoto XB headlights, Amp Research steps, and a roll-up tonneau cover. Performance additions include Motor Ops tuning, 5-inch exhaust, a Banks Monster Ram intake elbow, S&B cold air intake, and a billet valve cover from G&R Diesel. The truck is listed for $65,000 with 26×14 American Force Concave Genesis wheels and 37×13.5 Fury M/T’s, but can be had for $62,000 if you prefer 22×12 American Force Concave Sprints on 35×12.50 Nitto Ridge Grapplers.




Against All Odds

After a 4-month hiatus from pulling due to an unexpected engine failure at the start of the season, Clint Mills blasted back onto the scene with a win at Buck Motorsports Park in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It’s a track he’s been chasing a win on for the past nine years, and on September 7th Clint was finally able to pilot his ’06 Dodge, coined Against All Odds, into the winner’s circle. He credits much of the win to the fresh Cummins mill under the hood, a nasty engine that was put together by the folks at O’ Bryant Diesel Service.





VW’s Dual SCR Technology

In Europe, Volkswagen plans to extend the dual SCR technology it first debuted in its updated 2019 Passat 2.0L TDI Evo to all 2.0L TDI Evo engine models. The new, dual SCR system features a second SCR catalyst mounted in the underbody of the vehicle, with an ammonia oxidation catalyst following that. Because the exhaust gas temperature in the underbody area of the car can be 100 degrees C lower (212 degrees F) that what is observed at the engine, this twin-dosing technology broadens the temperature window for the SCR system. According to VW, the system is capable of achieving very high NOx conversion rates, even at 500 degrees C or more at the engine.

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