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Fastest 4×4 Diesel Record—Obliterated

Rest in peace previous four-wheel drive diesel record, Derek Rose is the new king—and he may be sitting on the throne for a while. The shot heard ‘round the world took place over the weekend at the ODSS season opener at Wagler Motorsports Park, where Rose and team unveiled the revamped, U.C.C.-winning, blue third-gen. Here’s a hint as to how their weekend went: Rose bumped into the Pro Mod category on Saturday… The Freedom Racing-powered, DDP-fueled, S&S-controlled, Hardway-tuned, and Rossler TH400-shifted Dodge went 4.44 through the eighth-mile at 171 mph. At 4,100 pounds, the horsepower calculator says nearly more than 2,900 ponies are making it to the ground… Insane doesn’t even begin to describe it.





Wagler Spring Nationals

The Outlaw Diesel Super Series’ drag racing season kicked off on Friday, but instead of the schedule beginning in North Carolina this time, for 2022 Wagler Motorsports Park played host to the season opener. Coined the Wagler Spring Nationals, the turnout was huge despite rain showers threatening to disrupt the action. In the end, the event was pulled out, and a lot of familiar faces found themselves in the winner’s circle. In ET Bracket, former champion Ken Phillips brought home the hardware, the always tough Ryan Riddle took the win in 7.70 Index, and Landon Miller continued his winning ways in 6.70. Alabama’s David Large took charge in 5.90 Index, essentially running the number right off the trailer, Tyler Burkhard won Pro Street, and put up a 5.08 in the final, and Larson Miller took top honors in Pro Mod. With no one else able to make the call in Pro Dragster, Scheid Diesel’s Jared Jones helped himself to 45 First Place points.





Show Me Why We Still Need Diesels In One Picture…

Is this real life? Like, for real, is this our future? Your eyes aren’t deceiving you, that is an extension cord plugged into a late-model Super Duty and the other end is most definitely plugged into a Tesla. As our friends at Edge Products called it, “The all-new $74,000 Ford Mobile Diesel generator. Engineered specifically for easy EV charging wherever you go.” So now to our questions. 1. How many hours did this “slow charge” take? 2. How do you charge a customer for this type of roadside rescue, by the minute or hour? 3. Not to be redundant, but is this what a future with EV’s looks like?



CP4 Saver, Version 2.1

After releasing its 6.7L Power Stroke CP4 Bypass Kit (i.e. Disaster Prevention Kit), the folks at S&S Diesel Motorsport created a second version last year. Unfortunately, the return filter that became part of the Gen2 kit ran into supply issues at the manufacturer (which was not S&S). By changing the return filter design, S&S was able to keep the overall design of the Gen2 kit but offer it with a readily-available, high-quality Donaldson spin on filter instead (P550943). And while the required USA-made billet filter head will increase S&S’s production costs, the company is absorbing the cost and holding firm to the product’s $400 retail price.




Emissions News

EV’s Can Increase GHG Emissions

During the hosting of the SAE 2022 WCX World Congress Experience in Detroit, emission policy and regulations rose to the forefront of conversation. While covering the current state of vehicle efficiency and emissions developments, Corning, Incorporated’s Ameya Joshi, stated that life cycle analysis (or LCA) reveals that the emission effects of electric vehicles depend on the specific application, the electricity grid mix, and other factors. Joshi went on to say that in many cases electrification can actually increase greenhouse gas emissions. The conference also made mention of the opposed piston, three-cylinder Class 8 Achates Power diesel engine, which recently entered test trials.




Parts Rack

Billet 7.3L Intake Plenums

Looking to replace the thin, sheet-metal factory intake plenums on your ’99.5-’03 7.3L Power Stroke? Riffraff Diesel Performance’s new billet replacements won’t leak or fail over time. The company’s plenums are engineered, CNC-machined, assembled, and packaged right here in the USA. They are machined from billets of 6061 aluminum, and the stainless steel, countersunk mounting hardware makes for a seamless install. Further high points include a large, 3-inch diameter, high-flow opening with a machined lip to better retain the intake Y, a Viton O-ring seal rather than RTV, clearance for either a single or dual HPOP’s, and billet spacers for GPR and GPCM brackets. Riffraff’s plenums are anodized black, but custom colors are also available.



6.0L Power Stroke Injectors – IN STOCK!

Having trouble finding new injectors for your 6.0L Powerstroke? Diamond Advantage (Navistar’s own aftermarket parts brand) has brand new OE 6.0L injectors in stock and ready to go. Diamond Advantage’s 6.0L Ford Power Stroke Reman Injector is the exact same as the OE injector because Navistar was the original OE injector supplier for the 6.0L. The only differences with the Diamond Advantage injector are a different brand on the box, a lower price, and a better warranty (2-year parts and labor)! Can’t get any better than that!


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