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XDP Monster Truck

Version 2.0

After a fresh makeover and a new power plant, the XDP Monster Truck driven by Dave Radzierez sports a new look and a whole lot more power. The truck (version 2.0) was recently fitted with a ’17 model year fiberglass body, along with a compound turbo Enforcer engine from D&J Precision Machine (a deck-plated, 6.7L-based common-rail Cummins). Rumor has it that more than 1,800 hp worth of fuel is on tap, too. To keep the big Dodge clean enough to run indoor stadium events, Done Right Diesel Performance has been chosen to handle all of the engine tuning. With a reputation for offering some of the best calibrating in the industry, you can bet the XDP 2.0 Monster Truck will running tip-top from now on.






1,900HP Cummins

UCC Hopeful David Petrick

U.C.C. 2019 hopeful, David Petrick pitted his triple-turbo common-rail Cummins against the engine dyno last week, and while there were no fireworks, there was reason for celebration. Thanks to a helping hand from Firepunk Diesel (transmission), Forced Inductions (turbos), Dynomite Diesel Products (fuel), Gray’s Performance, and tuning from Innnovative Diesel, a sound 1,906 hp and 2,900+ lb-ft of torque was produced. Petrick used to campaign a stock-bottom end 5.9L, 6.7L-headed ’07 Dodge that was saddled with an S467/S483 compound combination and good for 6.80’s in the eighth-mile. If everything holds together around this new engine, those old E.T.’s will seem slow.


F-series Super Duty

OEM News

The Unstoppable F-Series

July marked the 15th consecutive month of year-over-year increases in Ford F-series sales. With a whopping 70,949 total trucks sold, F-series sales went up 2.1 percent in the seventh month of 2018. Average transaction pricing continued to increase as well, up by $1,500 per pickup. In addition to its increase in truck sales, Ford posted gains for vans and commercial vehicles, too, with commercial vehicle sales up 25 percent. According to Mark LaNeve, Ford’s vice president of U.S. Marketing, Sales and Service: “We have now sold more than 1.1 million trucks and SUV’s this year.”



Massive Cummins Recall

CARB and NOx

An investigation conducted by the California Air Resources Board (CARB) found that more than 500,000 Cummins-powered heavy-duty trucks were emitting excessive NOx emissions due to defective SCR catalysts. The problem affects various Cummins engine families, used in applications ranging from Class 8 trucks to larger pickups to buses. After performing its own in-house study, Cummins agreed to issue the voluntary recall, which is the largest heavy-duty truck-related recall to date. CARB has emphasized the fact that the reason behind the excess NOx emissions is purely mechanical, and that no defeat device(s) or emissions cheating are behind the recall.






Pulling for Preston

Gays Mills, Wisconsin

As a way to honor Preston Nelson, an avid Wisconsin truck puller and Ford fan that tragically lost his life in an accident in the spring of 2015, family members now host an annual truck and tractor pull titled “Pulling for Preston.” For the fourth running of the event, held this year in Gays Mills, Wisconsin, five diesel truck classes were on hand, including Southwest Wisconsin Puller’s ultra-competitive 2.5/2.6 class, a 3.6 class, and an Open Diesel class that allowed cut tires. In addition to honoring Preston’s memory with all-you-can-eat BBQ, live music, and the truck and tractor pull, the Nelson family also sent the Ford shown above down the track in the 2.5/2.6 class.


The Carnage Heard ‘Round the World

PDD Splits Their Block

Power Driven Diesel’s triple-turbo’d UCC monstrosity took a wild ride and suffered immense carnage at this year’s Weekend on the Edge. After trapping 120 mph through the eighth-mile, it’s believed that the 16mm P-pump hung the rack, which in turn made the engine run off. After the engine’s air shutoff failed, driver Todd Welch shifted the transmission into Neutral, where it’s thought the number 3 and 4 rod bolts let go, prompting those rods to be ejected. You’re looking at a block that’s been split in half, and yes, that’s a piston sticking out on the lower right and that’s also the cam—sitting perpendicular to the engine—on the top left. Thankfully Welch was uninjured during all the commotion. Check out the video of teh aftermath on our Facebook page here: LINK TO @dieselworldmag




Parts Rack

XP Series K16

6.4L HP Fuel Pump

While still in testing, Industrial Injection will soon be offering its XP Series K16 high-pressure fuel pump for the 6.4L Power Stroke. The high volume, Siemens-based K16 VDO pump is capable of supporting 100-percent over injectors without dropping rail pressure and may be a great alternative to running dual pumps. Hassler Diesel Performance has been successfully campaigning (and winning with) an XP pump on its 6.4L-powered Super Duty sled puller in the local street class in Pennsylvania. This pump should be a hit in pulling classes where dual pump setups are not allowed, but also for the street truck owner that doesn’t want to run two pumps.

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