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Fueled by Haters

Charlie Keeter’s 6.0L, The Quickest 6.0 In The Country

All that negativity thrown at the 6.0L Power Stroke had to go somewhere, right?! Taking the infamous 6.0L to new heights recently, Charlie Keeter’s ’04 F-250 is now the quickest 6.0L powered Super Duty in the nation. His last outing at the track yielded a 9.57 at 140 mph, which he then backed up with a blazing 9.52 at 141 mph. Not only is Keeter’s Ford stupid fast, but it’s ultra-consistent, too. Some of you may recall that Keeter finished eighth (of 25 trucks) in the 2018 Ultimate Callout Challenge Qualifier, where his truck put up mid 9’s through the quarter, along with 1,168 hp and 1,837 lb-ft on the dyno.

The Ultimate ODSS Pro Mod?

Save The Racks Cummins Powered S10

The Save the Racks S10 is fixing to be more than just an Internet sensation and will soon be hitting a track near you. Put together by the guys at Firepunk Diesel and packing a D&J Precision Machine Cummins, the lightweight, Pro Mod mini truck has already proven it can run high 4’s in the eighth—and it’s nowhere near its true power potential yet. Late-night track testing last week yielded a 4.89 at 143 mph and a 4.86 at 142 mph, as well as some neck-breaking 1.16 and 1.15-second 60-foots! Now that the chassis is hooking and the truck is tracking straight, the Firepunk team will begin the process of introducing more power to the chassis. Make sure you catch them in action at their next stop: the TS Performance Shootout on June 1-2 in Bowling Green, Kentucky.


The General

GM: Best Military Discount of any Auto Maker

Last Wednesday, General Motors announced that all four of its brands (Chevrolet, GMC, Buick, and Cadillac) have come together to make the GM Military Discount the best program of its kind for active duty, reserve members, and retired military members. This includes all branches (United States Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard, and National Guard). Soldiers and sailors, along with members of their immediate family, qualify for a special discount on new GM vehicles at participating dealerships, and the offer can be taken advantage of for up to three years after discharge.


VW Fallout

More Changes Resulting from Diesel-Gate

In the aftermath of the Diesel Gate scandal that uncovered Volkswagen’s use of defeat devices in its ’09-’14 TDI-powered vehicles, the California Air Resources Board (CARB) has approved a plan to mitigate statewide harm from more than 10,000 tons of smog-causing NOx emissions. Some $423 million was provided to the state, through the National VW Environmental Trust, for this purpose. The breakdown of the funds’ appropriations goes like this: $130 million for zero emission shuttle buses, school buses, and transit projects, $90 million for zero emission heavy duty freight and drayage trucks, $70 million for zero emission port equipment and marine projects, $60 million for combustion port equipment, $10 million for light duty vehicle infrastructure, and $63 million in reserve.


Emissions Issues, Around the Globe

Daimler in Hot Water in Germany

After 6,000 Mercedes-Benz Vito delivery vans powered by 1.6L Euro-6 diesel engines were deemed to have been fitted with emissions “defeat devices,” German authorities ordered Daimler to recall more than 6,000 of the vans. Although Daimler disagreed with the findings, it has agreed to provide its customers with updated software, free of charge. However, Germany’s motor vehicle authority has given Daimler a mid-June deadline to produce a “technical solution and its implementation.” Daimler has been quoted as stating it will appeal the findings on the Vito delivery vans and that it will go to court if necessary. In other words, this one’s just getting started…


Brazilian Truckers Strike

President Lowers Price of Diesel

With diesel prices almost doubling in Brazil since 2016, fed up truck drivers went on strike last week, many of which blockaded major roads throughout the country. As a result, supermarket shelves have gone empty, petrol stations are out of gas, and even the nation’s airports are running out of fuel. In an effort to end the strike, and after threatening to send in the army (to no avail), Brazilian President Michel Temer has dropped the price of diesel by 46 Brazilian cents ($0.13) per liter. So far, the price drop has not ended the strike.
Parts Rack

Kryptonite Ultimate Front End Package

For 2011- To Current GM 2500 and 3500 HD Trucks

It’s a well known fact that GM pickups front end steering and suspension design fails when modified with larger tires, increased horsepower or even after it’s seen a decent amount of use. Kryptonite has a fix for that. Correct your GM’s steering issue all at once with their all in one kit including Kryptonite’s SS Series Center Link, Death Grip Tie Rods, Pitman Idler Support Kit, Death Grip Idler Arm, Death Grip Idler Arm Support plus Kryptonite Extreme Idler Support Gusset and a Moog Severe Duty Pitman Arm. Tie Rod Bodies and Center Links now come Zinc plated under the Black Powdercoat to decrease corrosion.

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