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Truck of the Week



6-Door Super Duty

Looking for the ultimate people and toy hauler? The latest six-door conversion from Custom Autos By Tim (or CABT) has gone viral on social media, and for good reason. It’s a 2019 F-450 Limited with three rows of heated, cooled, and massaging power seats. CABT has been stretching trucks for more than 30 years now, and its conversions are so flawlessly executed that they appear to be a factory option. Conversions are performed on the truck you supply the Guthrie, Oklahoma company, with two versions being offered: Premium for $75,000 and a base trim conversion option available for $65,000.

Source: http://www.customautosbytim.com/2020sixdoor.html




West Coast Cummins to Play in 5.90 Index?

With ODSS classes seemingly growing on a weekly basis, JP Jeanpierre Libert’s nasty third-gen Dodge may also be getting in on the action in 2020. After being dropped off for updates at Loganbuilt in Covington, Kentucky, shop owner Logan Yelton hinted that the truck would see race time east of the Mississippi this year, and that it might even join the ranks of 5.90 Index—but only because it’s too light to run in Pro Street. The truck’s SFI 25.4 chassis certification means it weighs less than 3,600 pounds. Even considerably de-tuned, look for this proven performer to make going rounds look easy in 2020.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/Loganbuilt-785752505135968/



Grudge Racing Comes to ODSS

As a way to spice up the action at ODSS events this year, grudge matches will be a regular occurrence on Friday nights. At each 2020 venue, five pairs of racers will meet under the lights for some friendly yet fierce heads-up racing—and the pair with the most votes, via the polls set up on the ODSS Facebook page, will be have a chance to get their hands on $1,000 in prize money. This week’s vote pits Derek Rose against Paul Cato in what is sure to be an exciting matchup. Stay tuned for an update on how these two fair at the Sun Coast Spring Shakedown, the 2020 season opener, on March 13.

Source: https://www.outlawdieselss.com/



Converter Pioneering

Ethan Patterson of Wilson Patterson Diesel will be testing a new style torque converter this season. Called a captive clutch reverse lockup converter, the 27-spline 48RE unit doesn’t use balance oil, which means no drag occurs during the staging process—often one of the most grueling parts of getting a high-powered diesel off the line. Patterson has been knee-deep in torque converter (and transmission) technology for years, perhaps most notably as the transmission builder behind the 4×4 TH400 in Stainless Diesel’s 2,500hp Pro Street Dodge. Should WP Diesel find success while campaigning this converter in its own drag truck, you can expect them to offer a complete valve body and converter package at some point in the future.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/wilsonpattersondieselperformance/




Real-World Experience for Diesel Techs in Training

Realizing the importance of hands-on learning and the need for significantly more diesel technicians throughout the U.S., Shasta College in Redding, California is taking steps to arm its diesel technology students with as much real-world knowledge as possible. The community college recently received a used Freightliner from Redding Freightliner, the local dealership, specifically for use in its diesel technology program. The cost of the Class 8 truck was split three ways between Shasta College, Redding Freightliner, and Daimler Trucks North America to make the deal possible.  At the present time, there are 285,000 openings for diesel technician jobs throughout the country…

Source: https://krcrtv.com/news/local/shasta-college-receives-freightliner-truck-for-the-schools-diesel-technology-program


Parts Rack


2.8L Duramax Tuning

If you’re looking for an emissions-friendly way to wake up the 2.8L Duramax in your ’16-‘19 Chevrolet Colorado or GMC Canyon, DuramaxTuner.com has you covered. Its emissions-compliant performance tune can even yield as much as 52 more hp at the wheels, along with an additional 80 lb-ft of torque. All calibrations are designed to keep the factory 6L50 transmission alive, with the combination of both engine and transmission programming helping to significantly broaden the engine’s overall torque curve. Note that tuning for ’16-’18 engines consists of four tunes and is available via a DSP4, 4-position switch or an SPADE/AutoCal, while ’19 models are only supported by the company’s single tune SPADE at the present time.

Source: https://duramaxtuner.com/



Improved 68RFE & AS69RC Cooling

With the 68RFE and AS69RC transmissions forced to cope with anywhere from 850 lb-ft to 930 lb-ft of torque in ’13-’18 Ram applications, excessive ATF temps are often the result. The primary cause? The factory thermostat inside the thermal bypass valve (what routes fluid to the transmission cooler) is notorious for failure, allowing the transmission to overheat. Mishimoto’s new CNC-machined aluminum thermal bypass valve utilizes a replaceable, 160-degree F thermostat that is more durable than stock and opens 10 degrees sooner. This allows fluid to flow to the cooler earlier, without overcooling the transmission.

Source: https://www.mishimoto.com/