Diesel News 02.10.2020

Truck of the Week

DW-DIESELNEWS-01First-Gen Puller for Sale

A turnkey common-rail first-gen that has a history of being competitive at the national level? Brent Roberts should have no problems selling this beauty, a ’93 Dodge coined “Generations Deep” that he put together for the Pro Pulling League’s 2.6 smooth bore class. The first-gen body sits atop a second-gen chassis with AAM axles, and the EFI Live-tuned common-rail Cummins is backed up by an NV4500 transmission with a triple disc Kenny’s Pulling Parts clutch and an NV271 hanging off the back of it. The only thing the truck needs at the moment is light body work and paint. Having made strong finishes on both nights at the 2019 Scheid Diesel Extravaganza against the best trucks in the business, it’s priced to sell at $30,000


Source: https://www.facebook.com/brent.roberts.7393?__tn__=%2CdlCH-R-R&eid=ARD7Sqqj0y3wzkEUXm74t4udtvNCdxxw4d5jxp7gt5KkmOol20A85YuSjz99YDJ6kWNor16428gPM39G&hc_ref=ARQdEmiCfxcpqumx2b_SoZghrhchgtVoP6xRQWx6SVMvhjUf5Gf1SjX3NncfvCmoMHU




First Full Roller L5P

The world’s first full roller L5P Duramax has been pieced together by the guys at Proformance Diesel—and judging by the giant turbo sitting in the lifter valley they plan to do big things with it. The late-model 6.6L sports Manton pushrods, rocker arms, and  a whole host of other billet goodies, including HSP Diesel’s brand-new exhaust manifolds. Also notice the provisions for individual EGT probes in the manifolds… Look for Proformance Diesel’s masterpiece at the 2020 Ultimate Callout Challenge in Indianapolis on May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

Source: https://proformance-diesel.com



Solid Gains with Fleece’s PowerFlo Lift Pump

With an ’07 Ram 3500 in for custom tuning, the guys at Hardway Performance discovered several things with the truck on the dyno. 1) a 5.9L common-rail can make 440-rwhp without the factory lift pump working. 2) adequate fuel pressure supplied to the stock CP3 (and as supplied via a Fleece in-tank PowerFlo lift pump upgrade) is good for a 34hp gain in a max-effort tune. 3) with the aforementioned PowerFlo lift pump in the mix, tuning wizardry makes it possible to coax 52-rwhp out of a stock injector, stock CP3, and stock turbo 5.9L. Solid numbers for a clean daily driver, for sure!

Source: http://www.hardwayperformance.com/





4th Annual Ocala Tractor Pull

Smoker tractors invaded Ocala, Florida over the weekend for some winter time pulling in warmer weather. Presented by the Mid Florida Tractor Pullers Association, the fourth annual running of the Ocala Winter Nationals was broadcast by Full Pull TV, available at www.fullpull.tv as well as on its Roku and Fire apps. The 270-foot track played host to tractors, mini rods, and even Super Stock diesel trucks under the roof of the Southeastern Livestock Pavilion. If you want to go truck and tractor pulling in temperatures in the 60’s and 70’s in the middle of winter, make sure you make it to this growing event next year.

Source: https://fullpull.tv/




Dirt Drags at Rudy’s

Adding a new twist to the fun at Rudy’s Spring Truck Jam, dirt drags are now on the docket for both Friday and Saturday (April 17 and 18). Classes will include: Work Stock Diesel, Open Diesel, and Modified Gas. The entry fee will be $50 per class and each category will pay out $500, $300, and $125 to semi finalists. All vehicles competing must have DOT approved tires (no cuts or paddles), and all drivers must wear a helmet and seatbelt. Two rounds of qualifying will be held, followed by going straight into eliminations. All classes are heads-up with random pairing to 16, then laddered. A Pro Tree (.400) will be used for all classes as well.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=Rudy%27s%20dirt%20drags&epa=SEARCH_BOX


Emissions News


Diesel: Outlawed by 2035

Britain goes all-in for electric, and will ban the the sale of new gas, diesel, and hybrid vehicles beginning in 2035. While the ban was originally planned to be enacted in 2040, the British government bumped up the date by five years in a decision made on Tuesday, February 4th. The elimination of diesel, gas, and hybrid cars is part of the U.K.’s larger, net-zero greenhouse gas emissions plan, which is projected to be achieved by 2050. Not alone in its forced conversion to electric propulsion, France plans to ban fossil fuel burning cars by the year 2040, and the Parliament in Norway has even set a goal of having 100-percent zero emission vehicles by 2025.

Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-51366123



New, Stricter NOx Standards Coming

Further reductions in NOx emissions will soon be facing heavy-duty diesel engine and truck manufacturers. In an effort to reduce NOx emissions under real driving conditions (including low-speed, city driving), the most stringent standards ever proposed are on the table. Among the regulations is a 0.05 g/bhp-hr NOx limit in California, effective beginning in 2024, followed by two sets of nationwide standards: of 0.02 g/bhp-hr over the Federal Test Procedure/Ramped Mode Cycles and 0.075 g/bhp-hr over the new low load cycle (or LLC). In conclusions provided by the Manufacturers of Emission Controls Association (MECA), the coming NOx standards are achievable using current aftertreatment technologies. However, dual SCR arrangements and close-coupled SCR systems may have to be implemented.

Source: https://dieselnet.com/news/2020/02meca.php