Truck Of The Week

9-Second Street Truck

Wayne Yates has a knack for getting kicked off the track in his daily drivers, but even though he didn’t receive DQ papers this time he probably should have… His 6.4L Power Stroke-propelled short bed F-350 put up a 9.83-second quarter-mile at 142 mph without a cage. The standard cab Ford tips the scales at 7,220 pounds with Wayne in the driver seat and the center console, passenger seat, spare tire, receiver hitch, and tailgate removed. By our calculations, that means his Super Duty is applying more than 1,400 hp to the track. A healthy dose of nitrous and a 59/78mm turbo arrangement helped the truck back-half incredibly strong.





Rainout At Rudy’s

Bad weather haunted the end of the Outlaw Diesel Super Series race season, and in the end it forced an early conclusion at the final race of the year, Rudy’s Fall Truck Jam in Julian, North Carolina. But before the skies opened up (again), Stainless Diesel’s Johnny Gilbert was able to grab the number one qualifier with a 4.92-second eighth-mile blast at 157 mph. It would prove to be the icing on the cake for team Stainless, as they secured the 2021 Pro Street championship, their third time accomplishing the feat. Other 2021 ODSS champions include Larson Miller in Pro Mod, Jared Jones in Pro Dragster, David Large in 5.90 Index, Landon Miller in 6.70, Nick Morris in 7.70, and Ryan Riddle in ET Bracket.



Farmtruck and AZN Daily Driver Duel Fall Nationals

Despite the Wagler Fall Nationals truck and tractor pull being rained out, a few hundred feet away on the drag strip there was a lot of action taking place. The Farmtruck and AZN Daily Driver Duel at Wagler Motorsports Park brought out some major sleepers, two of which belonged to S&S Diesel Motorsport’s Justin Norris. A week after laying down 935 hp on the dyno with his ’06 Dodge, Norris found himself racing it. Unfortunately, after towing the camper down, detaching from it, and hitting the track, the transmission had other weekend plans. On the plus side, he did manage to send his 335d BMW through the traps in 8.21 seconds at nearly 86 mph, a new personal best. Let’s hope this event becomes an annual thing at the Wagler compound.


Dialing Everything In

Travis Trent recently spent time at Firepunk Diesel fine-tuning his Cummins-swapped Ford short-bed. On the rollers, the truck’s 85mm Godfather S400 supported 1,680 hp on nitrous, the Sam Wyse 4R100’s shift points were perfected, and the truck was ready to be an even bigger contender in 5.90 Index. Following his date with the dyno, Travis put the truck in the high 5’s on fuel-only for the first time, and even hit a no-prep event to spook some of the locals. Expect his Ford to be a force to be reckoned with next year.


Call Your Congressman. Tell Them To Pass The RPM Act

If you’ve seen the most recent viral EPA raid of a small performance shop on social media, you know how dire the need is to get the RPM Act passed. Support for the bipartisan bill continues to pick up steam in congress, which is an indication that the letters sent in by enthusiasts and businesses aren’t going unnoticed on Capitol Hill. At the present time, 108 members of the House and 15 Senators have co-sponsored the RPM Act, and those numbers continue to grow. But despite this success, the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) is urging enthusiasts, industry leaders, and business owners alike to continue to keep up the pressure. For more information on how you can make a difference and potentially even get the RPM Act passed, check out the link below.



OEM News

2021 Jeep® Gladiator Overland
FCA Reports Its Third Quarter Sales

As is the case with so many other automakers, sales under the FCA/Stellantis umbrella were down in the third quarter of 2021. Total U.S. sales were 410,917 compared with 507,351 units for the same period in 2020. But although the overall sales picture looks dim, there are several good signs at FCA. For example, sales of Jeep Grand Cherokee are up 45-percent year-over-year, the third quarter of 2021 was the best quarter yet for the Jeep Gladiator, and Ram ProMaster van sales were up 26-percent in the third quarter. According to FCA’s U.S. Head of Sales, Jeff Kommor: “While the various supply chain issues facing our industry continue to impact available inventory, we know the demand for our vehicles is still there,” which is great news.




Parts Rack

Gen-2 Monster-Ram Intake

Ready to get back all the power you lose with the stock intake elbow, experience more responsiveness, and improve airflow from the intercooler to the cylinder head on your 6.7L Cummins? Banks’ Monster-Ram intake horn eliminates the bottleneck that’s present on that stock intake elbow. As a result, it flows 936 cfm, a 122-percent increase over stock! The increase in flow raises boost without increasing backpressure at the turbine wheel. Even better, the Monster-Ram intake elbow is 100-percent emissions-friendly, as well as 50-state compliant.



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