Ultimate Callout Challenge: Dyno Testing

Day One: Dyno Testing

May 4th, 5th and 6th 2016 were three exciting days in Salt Lake City. That week saw 23 of the most powerful diesel trucks in North America competing to see who would be the best of the best, and oh, for a chance at grabbing over $10,000 in winnings. Day One was a dyno contest, Day Two drags, and Day 3 was sled pulling. During the three-day event, we saw 4 records broken, multiple engine failures and all from a field of trucks averaging over 1,500 horsepower apiece. The Ultimate Callout Challenge was the first time this many of the industry’s heavy hitters were ever seen in one place, at one time. It was an epic display of horsepower; that’s for sure. If you missed the first one, no problem we’ll be sharing everything UCC over the next few issues; plus, 2016’s event went so well that plans for the next one are already in the works. It’s an event no diesel enthusiast should ever miss!

#22 Dallas Hunt
Industrial Injection – Duramax – 0hp / 0tq

With an electrical gremlin causing misfires on four cylinders, Industrial Injection was able to get the truck running and make a run at the horsepower record just before their time ran out only to have issues spooling their massive triple turbos. After a few minutes of trying, the engine overheated, blew a coolant hose and seized, causing them bow out of the UCC much too soon.

  • Industrial Injection Comp Long Block, Winberg Billet Crank, Race Port Heads
  • Industrial Injection Triple XP CP3s, King Cobra Injectors, Dual Fass Pumps.
  • Industrial Injection S480 and 106mm S510
  • Randy’s Transmission 47RE, Precision Air Shifter

#21 Dan Madden
Diesel Pickup Specialists – Duramax – 954.4 hp / 1,372 tq

As one of only two single turbo competitors in the challenge, Dan Maddens “Cat a Max” truck put down some impressive fuel only numbers at 954 hp and definitely won the “loudest truck on the rollers” award for the day.

  • Industrial Injection Pistons, girdle and CNC Heads
  • Industrial Injection Dual CP3 w/ 85-percent over pumps
  • Industrial Injection Silver Bullet hi pressure turbo
  • BorgWarner S480 Atmospheric Turbo
  • Dual FASS 220 Lift Pumps

#20 Aaron Wiebe
All In Truck – Duramax – 1,244 hp / 1,791 tq

After making the decision to come compete just days before the UCC started, Aaron Wiebe’s short bed drag truck put down 1,244hp on fuel-only thanks to a custom built triple turbo setup. Unfortunately, with so many heavy hitters, even 1,250 hp wasn’t enough to compete on the dyno.

  • Screamin Diesel Performance Triple Turbo Kit
  • Dual CP3s

#19 Shawn Ellerton
Canadian Rednecks – 6.0L Power Stroke
1,365 hp / 1, 930 tq

Shawn Ellerton has made himself famous as that crazy Canadian Redneck that has done things with the 6.0L Power Stroke that were once deemed impossible. With what he calls his ‘budget build’, the triple turbo Ford put down a personal best of 1365hp with a little nitrous.

  • Competition Long Block, Hypermax rods, Cut Pistons, Steed Speed Manifolds
  • 400cc Warren Diesel Injectors
  • Industrial Injection Triple S475 Turbos
  • 3-Stage Nitrous System
  • Suncoast Billet 5R110 Transmission

#18 Andrew Tovornik
Midget Diesel – Cummins – 1,476 hp / 2,088 tq

Midget Diesel’s single cab Dodge made multiple runs during their 20-minute window and were consistently in the high 1,400-hp range. With hopes of cracking the 1,500-hp mark, they came up just a few short and finished 18th that day.

#17 Daniel Pierce
Power Source Diesel – Cummins – 1,536 hp / 2,134 tq

Daniel Pierce drove over 30 hours straight to make the event on time after spending countless nights thrashing to get the truck ready. Unfortunately, his week didn’t go anywhere near as planned when his massive hit of nitrous proved too much for the motor and made for the best carnage of the event with a 30-ft. fireball igniting out from under the hood. Luckily, no one was seriously injured.

  • 6.4L Kingspeed Race & Repair Longblock
  • 400-percent S&S Motorsports Injectors, Dual 85-percent Industrial Injection Dual CP3s
  • Single Garrett GT55 Turbo
  • 3-Stage Nitrous Express System
  • Suncoast 48RE Competition Transmission

#16 Ryan Landfield
RKL Diesel – Duramax – 1,590 hp / 2,181 tq

Ryan Landfields’ triple turbo Duramax made a monstrous 1,522-hp fuel-only run on the dyno which was backed up by what was going to be a crazy high number on nitrous when the passenger side head gasket failed and ended the run early at a still impressive 1,590 hp.

  • RKL Race Longblock
  • Exergy 500-percent Injectors, Dual Exergy 12mm CP3s
  • High Tech Turbo S480 Triple Turbos
  • 2-Stage Nitrous Express System
  • RKL Billet Allison Transmission

#15 Dustin VanWindergreen
SDP Twins – Duramax – 1,568 hp / 2, 284 tq

Surrounded by $100,000 triple turbo competition-only trucks, Dustin VanWindergreens crew cab Duramax was one of the more “sleeper-looking” rigs at the event, but not letting that prove true, the compound turbos and a little nitrous were enough to take the truck to a 1,568-hp run.

  • Race/Street Short Block, SoCal Ported Heads, Socal 9100 Alternate Fire Camshaft
  • Exergy 250-percent Injectors, Dual Exergy 12mm CP3
  • SDP Twins Billet S475/GT5541 Compound Kit
  • SDP Twins Billet Allison Transmission
  • 2-Stage Progressive Nitrous Express Kit

#14 Chris Rosscup
Deviant Race Parts – Duramax – 1,578 hp / 2,282 tq

As the head fabricator at Deviant Race Parts, Chris Rosscup proved he knows how to do more than just run a tig welder. With a truck he built entirely himself, the LB7 landed at 14th on the dyno at 1,578hp: his best dyno run to date.

  • Custom Auto Short Block, Finger’s Oval Bowl Pistons, Alternate Fire Camshaft
  • Industrial Injection Cobra Injectors, Industrial Injection Triple 120-percent CP3s
  • ATS Aurora 5500 and 105mm Aurora 8000
  • Custom Nitrous System
  • DRP Allison Transmission

#13 Zac Fuller
Starlite Diesel – Duramax – 1,664 hp / 2,213 tq

When you make a living tuning some of the highest horsepower Duramax and Cummins trucks in the country, it’s only natural that you’d own one yourself. The big blue dually of Zac Fuller runs a full competition engine with huge Garrett turbos under the hood that pushed the truck over 1,600 hp.

  • Industrial Injection/Wagler Engine
  • Industrial Injection Cobra Injectors, Dual Dragon Fire CP3s
  • Industrial Injection GTX42 and S591 Compound Turbo Kit
  • Randy’s Transmission Billet Allison Transmission

#12 Donovan Harris
Armor Inc – Cummins – 1,525 hp / 2,405 tq

Proving that Canada came to play, Donovan Harris has his triple turbo Cummins crush the dyno with 1,525 hp and over 2,400 lb-ft. of torque, one of the highest torque to horsepower spreads of the event.

  • Armor Inc Competition Longblock
  • Dynomite Diesel Injectors, Dual CP3s
  • Armor Inc Triple Turbo Kit
  • Brian’s Truck Shop 4R100 Transmission
  • Custom NOS Nitrous System

#11 Rob Coddens
ATP Trucks – Duramax – 1,635 hp / 2,335 tq

Known strictly as a drag racer, Rob Coddens took the E/T Drag Radials off famed “MaxD Out” to stretch her legs on the chassis dyno putting down one of his best dyno runs ever at 1,635 hp.

  • SoCal Diesel Longblock
  • Dynomite Diesel Injectors, Dual Wicked Diesel CP3s
  • BT Diesel Compound Turbo Kit
  • Calvins’s Billet 48RE Transmission
  • DEI Nytrex Nitrous System

#10 Craig Briggs
Maryland Performance
6.7L Power Stroke – 1,614 hp / 2,532 tq

As a leader in the Power Stroke performance market, Maryland Performance Diesel hauled their 6.7L F-250 out only to fight tuning and rail pressure issues throughout the event. With relatively low rail pressure, the truck still smashed a 1,600-hp dyno run.

  • MPD Competition Longblock
  • S&S Motorsports 350cc Injectors, H&S Motorsports Triple CP3s
  • MPD S476 over Garrett 105mm Compound Turbo Kit
  • 2-stage Nitrous Express Nitrous Kit
  • Suncoast Powerflyte Transmission

#9 Jesse Warren
Warren’s Diesel – 6.0L Power Stroke – 1,758 hp / 2,532 tq

Bet you never thought you’d see the day a 6.0L Power Stroke could place in the top ten at a dyno event anywhere, let alone amongst some of the nastiest Cummins and Duramax trucks in the country. Well, Jesse Warren’s 6.0L blew everyone’s mind when the nitrous hit and propelled the truck to an unheard of 1,758 hp.

  • Warren’s Diesel Longblock
  • Warren’s Diesel 500cc Injectors with 400% nozzles
  • Warren’s Diesel S475 over HX82 Turbocharger Kit
  • 3-Stage Nitrous System
  • Billet 5R110 Transmission with DPC Quad Disc Converter

#8 Randy Reyes
Randy’s Transmissions – Cummins – 1,987 hp / 2,447 tq

With a couple of 2,000-hp dyno charts already under his belt, Randy Reyes came to play with the big boys in his big red dually. After a couple of runs he came up just shy of 2,000 hp, but landed an 8th  place run overall.

  • Industrial Injection Race Longblock
  • Industrial Injection Cobra Injectors, Triple CP3s
  • Industrial Injection Triple Turbo Kit
  • Randy’s Transmission 48RE Transmission
  • 3-Stage Nitrous System

#7 Justin Hyatt
Husker Diesel – Duramax – 1,867 hp / 2,706 tq

Built more as a dedicated drag truck, Husker Diesel’s Duramax proved it could put it down on the dyno as well with a monstrous 2,700 lb-tq. and 1,867 hp to the tires from a nitrous assisted run.

  • Industrial Injection Competition Shortblock, Wagler Cylinder Heads
  • GTX45 and GT55 Compound Turbos
  • Industrial Injection Cobra Injectors, Dual 85-percent CP3s
  • Custom Nitrous Express System
  • No Zone Competition Allison Transmission

#6 Dmitri Millard
No Zone Diesel – Duramax – 2050hp / 2593tq

After chasing his dream of making over 2,000 hp for all of 2015, Millard finally crested that mark at the UCC competition with a 2,050 hp nitrous run, amazingly enough, the truck was nearly 1,900 hp on fuel only.

  • Custom Auto Short Block, Wagler Cylinder Heads
  • Exergy 500-percent Injectors, Triple 12mm CP3s
  • HSP Diesel Compound Turbo System
  • No Zone Diesel Billet Allison Transmission
  • 3-Stage Nitrous Kit

#5 Derek Rose
DNR Customs – Cummins – 2,044 hp / 2,788 tq

DNR Customs was thought to be one of the top contenders for the crown at the first ever UCC, and for good reason: the track-ready truck came well equipped and placed high in every event, a Top 5 finish in this list of competitors is some serious bragging rights.

  • Fleece Performance 6.4L Shortblock, C-Tech Performance Cylinder Head
  • S&S Motorsport Injectors, Dual BD Diesel Stroker CP3s
  • DNR Custom Triple Turbo Kit
  • BD Diesel Trackmaster 48RE Transmission
  • Progressive Nitrous Express Nitrous

#4 Ryan Milliken
Hardway Performance – Cummins – 2,079hp / 2,810 tq

Milliken is known as a diehard drag racer, so it was common knowledge he’d place well on the .25-mile strip, but seeing him break 2,000 hp on the dyno was an awesome way to start off his week.

  • Fleece Performance 6.4L Cummins Longblock
  • Fleece Performance Triple Turbo System
  • S&S Motorsports Injectors, Dual CP3s
  • Suncoast 47RE
  • Progressive Nitrous Kit

#3 Aaron Rudolf
Rudy’s Diesel – 6.4L Power Stroke – 1,987hp / 3,005 tq

3000lb-ft. of torque, yes, you read that right. 3,000lb-ft., but even better, it’s a Power Stroke! Aaron Rudolf had every Ford fan in the country cheering him on and he didn’t disappoint. Taking his 6.4L Ford to 1,987 hp, surpassing every Duramax on the dyno, it was quite the accomplishment for the blue oval crowd.

  • Rudy’s Diesel Competition Longblock
  • MPD Triple Turbo Kit
  • Progressive Nitrous Kit
  • Rudy’s Diesel 5R110 Transmission

#2 Lavon Miller
Firepunk Diesel – Cummins – 2,211hp / 3,309 tq

After building an all new truck for the 2016 season, Firepunk Diesel was definitely favored as the guys with the best chance to win the first ever UCC. With proven 8-second quarter miles times, they put a hurting on the dyno crushing it at over 2,200 hp.

  • D&J Precision Longblock
  • Engineered Diesel Triple Turbo Kit
  • 400-percent Exergy Injectors, Dual 12mm Exergy CP3s
  • Firepunk Diesel 48RE
  • 2-Stage Nitrous Kit

#1 Shawn Baca
Industrial Injection – Cummins – 2,474 hp / 3,240 tq

What can you say about Shawn Baca’s never give-up attitude? After totaling his competition-truck just months before the event, he came ready to compete with one of the cleanest well-built trucks, sporting massive turbos and more fuel than anyone thought imaginable. With the highest recorded dyno numbers to date, Baca did not disappoint, taking home the top spot on the Superflow dyno getting ever so close to 2,500 hp.

  • Industrial Injection Competition Roller Longblock
  • Industrial Injection Cobra Injectors, Triple XP CP3s
  • Industrial Injection Triple 106mm Turbo Kit
  • RKL Diesel 48RE Transmission
  • 2-Stage Nitrous Express Nitrous Kit. DW

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