Northern California’s Annual Truck Bash
Truck Mania, California’s Premier truck event, has been going strong the last few years, and it’s doing nothing but growing. Hosted by Sacramento Raceway, the all-truck event features drag racing, sled pulling, a show n’ shine, and a dyno. There’s also a vendor’s row for those looking for parts, and a food truck row to keep everybody well-fed.

For 2019 there was a couple new events that were added. There was a “sideshow contest” where owners could do burnouts and donuts any way their imagination could produce, there was also a tough truck competition for those who wanted to see just how much air they could get in their diesels. This meant that there was actually 6 events in one weekend worth of action, which created quite the atmosphere!

There were a number of awesome vehicles in the show n’ shine, but out of all the events, the staple of diesel shows; drag racing and sled pulling were the most well-attended. There were a number of 9, 10, and 11-second trucks on hand storming down the drag strip. Unlike the events where drag-only vehicles dominate, these were still full size, full dress diesel trucks.

This sled pull was no less exciting, with vehicles of all shapes and sizes and power levels. Everything from military vehicles to brand-new trucks to dedicated pullers hooked to the sled. Many stormed so far down the Circle Track that they nearly went around the corner!

Sadly this year there was no diesels in the tough truck competition, but we’re hoping that next year that will change. With the price of diesel trucks nowadays, not many are willing to virtually destroy their vehicles buy skying off of jumps. But we’re keeping our eyes open for a $1,000 diesel for next year!


A vendors row with lots of go-fast diesel parts was on display in the pits for those who were looking to build up their ride.
Larry Strawn is famous for the Dodge/Model A known as the “Fodge.” He recently built another Fodge, this time it’s a suicide door Ford on a Dodge dually chassis.
This solid axle-swapped Duramax was one of the cleanest trucks we saw, and had a cool monochrome look to go with the big lift and transplanted axle.


It wasn’t just pickups at truck mania, as military vehicles and semis also made a showing. The “Megladeuce” was one such ride, and it spent most of its time towering over the other diesels.
Another interesting aspect of Truckmania was a burnout and sideshow contest. After all, who doesn’t like 8.3L worth of Cummins boiling the hides in classic lines?
There was also a dyno on hand so that dieselheads could see what their rides put to the rollers. Unfortunately a freak accident involving a locked up rearend on a Ford hurt both the truck and the dyno.
Don’t let the camper shell fool you, a 12.0 dial-in means some serious horsepower, especially in a four-door long bed!
Rick Fletes is famous for his Duramax-swapped Chevelle, but he just couldn’t stay away from trucks. For his latest build, he swapped a Duramax diesel into this classic GMC he’s dubbed the “Babymax.”
The main draw in Sacramento was of course, drag racing. Rex Gully’s three-tone Cummins-powered drag truck was a strong runner, putting down consistent high 10-second laps.
It wasn’t just a Cummins party; this bad-in-black GM was another 12-second runner.
This cool shortbed conversion was probably one of our favorite trucks in attendance. He also eschewed the popular drag radials and instead ran pure slicks in search of ultimate traction.
Kenny Bruner of Capitol Diesel was the quickest 4×4 in attendance, and cranked out a mid-9 second blast the first pass off the trailer.
As day moved to dusk, a number of sled pulling classes got underway. From Stock to Super Stock, there were diesels of all levels.
A lot of 10 and 11-second rides were street trucks.
Ryan Pini went 149 mph, which was top speed of the meet. The sub-5,000 pound GMC has its sights set on the 8s with a good launch.
This lifted older Ford was one of the nicest trucks we saw hooked to the sled, and it made a pretty good showing too.


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