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West Coast Diesels Hit The Rollers

It’s one of the most basic questions in hot rodding: “How much power does she make?” To answer that age-old question, Miller Performance Diesel hosted a dyno day at their shop in Oroville, California. With a Dynojet 224 from Thunderhill Raceway on hand to measure the goods, diesels of all years and makes showed up to make some power. There were Dodges, Chevys, and even a 2015 Ford showed up to see what kind of power it could put down.

There were also raffles and prizes, and a free tune from Hardway Performance for the lowest horsepower Duramax and Cummins trucks—which one contestant went to hilarious levels to win. The event was full of surprises (a 6.0L Ford in second place). The MPD Dyno Day was an awesome time, and it’s an event that we expect to get even bigger for next year. DW

Matt Monroni brought what must be the most modified 6.0L-powered Ford ever. The race truck has run mid-10s on fuel, and put down 817 rwhp without nitrous, good enough for second place.

Monroni’s race truck was towed by what must be the second-most-modified 6.0L Ford. The orange tow rig runs 11-second quarter mile times.

Overflow parking is easy at a diesel event. We saw plenty of diesels climbing the berms outside MPD’s shop.

Known for making mid 500s with a tune on virtually any dyno, this 6.4L Ford put down a solid 563 rwhp.

This Duramax put down 502 rwhp, showing how strong lightly modded GMs can be.

Oroville Ford showed up with a brand new 2015 Super Duty, which put down an impressive 357 rwhp on the small-roller DynoJet. Remember, this is a stock truck!

Perhaps the best low-buck rig was this 7.3L which used a stock turbo, 160/100 injectors, and a decade-old “smoke tune” to put down 396 rwhp.

A Smarty programmer, Dual Fuelers, and a Silver Bullet turbo from Industrial Injection put this street Dodge at a healthy 615 rwhp.

Aftermarket Ford supplier Sinister Diesel was on hand to showcase their wide variety of products for 7.3L, 6.0L, 6.4L and 6.7L Fords.

Early Dodges were common at the event, with this Cummins-powered rig being a nice example of a hot street- driven diesel.

Unfortunately, this beautiful Dodge was out of commission with a blown motor, but the 800-hp show rig was still on display.