Ensuring Performance Isn’t A Problem

Keeping your engine in by by adding necessary modifications and doing proper maintenance is like taking part of diet and exercise for your body. By keeping the truck and its internal components running at tip-top shape, the overall system will perform at excellent levels. These modifications don’t have to be terribly expensive either, simply do some research on the part, and compare the various websites and their respective reviews. Additionally to do the research for the finance side of things, researching what parts are necessary for your truck is quintessential because you want to make sure the parts you purchase are going to utilize your truck’s unique features and use them accordingly. Just like how you want the correct blood type during a transfusion, your truck needs the right parts for it’s make and model. Here’s a quick collection of parts that can be added to your Duramax truck!


Alternate Fire Cam: Strengthen A Duramax by Changing the Firing Order

Pan-Tastic: Cleaner Oil for Your Duramax

Duramax LLY Head Gasket Fix

Injector Replacement: Correcting Duramax Turbo Fuel Delivery Issues

HSP Diesel Duramax S300 Turbo System