It’s been a few months since this 2013 6.7L Cummins project made its way into the pages of Diesel World, but after running around for 8-10,000 miles with his new GDP Tuning EFI Live tunes and Black Market S465 FMW turbocharger kit, the owner was ready to take the next step. If you’re an avid reader you may remember this project from the May, July and September issues of 2016. The goal behind this project was to introduce some of the aftermarket products available for the 2013-2016 6.7L Cummins to help improve overall drivability and performance.

CSP5 EFI Live custom tuning from Gorilla Diesel Tuning was installed as the rst part of the build, bumping the performance output from 323 hp and 684 lb-ft of torque to an impressive 451 hp and 1,143 lb-ft. Part Three meant more performance with the addition of a 2nd Gen S400 turbo conversion kit from Black Market Performance. After some tuning adjustments from GDP Tuning, the bigger turbo helped bring that 6.7L Cummins to 570 hp and 1,190 lb-ft torque. Unfortunately, after driving the truck at this level for a few months, some weak points started to present themselves within the truck, such as the fuel system with constant low rail pressure issues under hard load, hotter charge air temps, and a slipping transmission if you tried to plant that 570 hp very often.


With an overhaul of the 68RFE transmission scheduled at RKL Diesel of Springville, Utah, in the coming months, between now and then the truck owner opted to x the other shortcomings in the fuel and air department. Since low rail pressure from the higher fueling demands being called for in the tuning, the low-pressure fuel system needed addressing to ensure maximum rail pressure and longevity of the CP3 injection pump. For this, the new aFe DFS780 fuel system kit seemed perfect. With a relatively simple install, the new DFS780 lift pump can supply 16-18 psi of fuel pressure along with an increased volume of good air-free fuel to the CP3.

Bringing an all new design and look to the lift pump market, the aFe unit can remove trapped air and contaminants within the fuel for both better quality and quantity of fuel to the engine. The clear high-impact polycarbonate sight glass on the pump base and lter allow you to monitor fuel quality, while the full billet aluminum base, powdercoated mounting bracket, and marinegrade motor ensure years of corrosion-free performance. On the electrical side of things, aFe offers two different versions of this pump for the 6.7L Cummins applications, one that runs at full potential all the time, or one that can increase fuel demand based on the engine’s boost output. The pump can also be wired to run independently or in conjunction with the stock pump.


With the massive amounts of air ow being fed to the engine from the Black Market S465 turbocharger, the factory intercooler was de nitely a restriction within the charge air system and a higher owing 6” thick BladeRunner from aFe was up to the task. With a unique end tank design built from 3/16” aluminum, the multi-directional vane technology helps direct hot charge air through the entire core for optimum cooling. A bar and plate core design will keep air moving freely through the core while dissipating the heat better than the OEM tube and n-style intercooler. aFe pressure tests each unit up to 200 psi, well below the 44psi peak this truck makes on occasion.

To aid in the increased air ow capacity of the new intercooler, the cold side intercooler pipe and intake manifold were also replaced with pieces from aFe. The BladeRunner intake manifold uses Multiple Directional Vane technology to guide the air through the manifold and maximize air ow. aFe has also cast the elbow with ve 1/8” NPT ports for boost reference, water methanol, nitrous injection, or other accessories. According to aFe testing, the high- ow BladeRunner system out ows the stock parts by nearly 90%, which is a huge improvement. The cooler charge temps will mean more air can be crammed into the combustion chamber which equates to more power, cooler EGTs and better overall engine efficiency.

1 The aFe Power DFS 780 lift pump kit comes complete with everything needed for installation.
2 The kit for the 6.7L Cummins used in this build requires that the fuel tank be removed from the truck and the factory fuel pick-up pulled from the tank for modification.
3/4. The OEM draw tubes housed inside the stock pickup assembly will be removed and replaced with the higher flowing and better filtering aFe pickup tube. Reducing restriction pre-pump takes load off the pump and allows the DFS to supply fuel to the engine with less stress and better performance.
5 The DFS780 motor and filtration manifold is compact and durable for both easy install and years of life, even in extreme climates. The bronze spur gear design is for quieter pump operation, while the billet 6061 T6 aluminum manifold base will never corrode and offers superior strength.
6 Once installed under the truck, the fuel lines can be run from the tank for both the feed and returns. The supplied fuel filter is then threaded on, along with the water separator catch can. The clear sides allow you to better monitor water collection and fuel quality.
7 To reduce restriction within the charge air system, aFe Power developed a massive replacement BladeRunner intercooler along with a free-flowing cold side intercooler pipe and high-flow BladeRunner intake elbow. The complete package makes for a better pathway for air to enter the engine. The cooler charge air temps will create a better air density, which means better power, cooler EGT, and improved throttle response.
8 The cast aluminum, high-flow BladeRunner intake manifold not only flows considerably better than stock, but it also comes pre-tapped with two 1/8” NPT ports for easy installation of an external boost gauge or for water injection and nitrous nozzles. You can also see here that aFe cast an additional three pads into the elbow that can be drilled and tapped in the future should you need them.
9 Ah, the beauty of an EGR controlled system. This intake manifold represents the last piece on the engine before air enters the cylinder head and combustion chambers. That exhaust soot entering the charge air system and going back through the engine is all in the name of reduced emissions and increased efficiency.
10 The replacement BladeRunner manifold not only has a larger interior area for improved volume and flow, but the large arc offers an easier passageway for the air to flow. Reducing the turbulence within the charge air tract can lead to improved engine performance, better efficiency and cooler charge air temperatures.
11 While they may not appear to be that much different, the OEM intercooler pipe (top) and the replacement aFe piece (bottom) aren’t created equal. Constructed of 3″ mandrel-bent stainless steel tubing for maximum flow, the aFe pipe’s smooth bends reduce turbulence to help reduce EGT. The powdercoated finish resists corrosion and spring loaded t-bolts clamps ensure a leak-fee seal.
12 On 2013+ Ram trucks, the intercooler was moved lower in the chassis and sits directly behind the front bumper. While the bumper didn’t have to come off for the swap, the lower plastic did need removed to gain enough clearance to wiggle the factory unit out. The aFe BladeRunner is a direct replacement to the stock unit and some of the factory hardware will be reused.
13 Using two separate cores, the aFe unit is much thicker than the OEM intercooler. The increased surface area, along with a better flowing design with MDV technology, is used to direct hot air flow through the entire intercooler core, which allows for better cooling.
14 The intercooler installation is straightforward and was accomplished in less than a couple hours. The BladeRunner fit perfectly and lined up great with the stock mounting locations; it’s easy to see that the aFe engineers put in the hours needed to design an effective and functional piece.
15 Looking down on the top side of the engine, we can see the BladeRunner intake manifold installed in place of the restrictive stock piece. The cold side intercooler pipe from aFe also went in under the hood to ensure the engine got all the boost that aftermarket turbocharger could feed it.

In a coming issue, you’ll be able to follow along as the stock transmission is beefed up with better clutches, valve body tuning and a triple-disc torque converter. These upgrades to the drivetrain will help get all this new-found power and torque to the ground and help make this an incredible street machine that can do just about everything it’s asked to. Daily driver with fuel mileage in the upper teens, heavy towing without worry of extreme EGT, and enough power to scare off a muscle car or two at the track.DW

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