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Whistlin diesel duramax

MonsterMax Drives In The Ocean

If you thought monster trucks could float (hey, they used to do it in the 80s, remember?), you were right. The YouTube phenom known as MonsterMax made its maiden voyage—in the ocean. After showing up on the Gulf Coast of Florida and picking a boat launch somewhere in Manatee County, the front and rear duals were bolted on and the LBZ Duramax-powered ’06 Silverado went for a cruise. Random onlookers, fellow watercraft, DNR officers, the local Sherriff, and the U.S. Coast Guard all watched the spectacle, and the only repercussions for the drive in the ocean was a $70 fine. So far, nearly 7.5 million viewers have tuned in to to watch #FLORINDIANAMAN set sail. You can join the party at the link below.





4x4 vintage ford monster truck

Steve Burris Always Wanted A Monster Truck…

Steve Burris always wanted a monster truck, and now he has one…for now. Steve actually purchased the Ford monstrosity you see here for its clean body—the verdict is still out as to whether or not he will hold onto the rest of the truck or begin parting it out. This is the same mind that has built a 6.7L Power Stroke-powered Ford High Boy dually and a 7.3L-powered High Boy from the ground-up in the past, so we know he likes diesels. So regardless what becomes of his latest endeavor, there’s a good chance it will end up an oil-burner at some point. And just in case you’re wondering, those are 48-inch tires.




Making A Cummins/5R110 Combo Work Like Factory

In the world of Cummins swaps, stand-alone transmission controllers are extremely common, as are Chrysler four-speed transmission conversions—usually a decision that’s made to simplify things. But that’s not what the guys at Hardway Performance did with this King Ranch Fummins build. Instead, countless hours were spent making the factory five-speed TorqShift work in perfect harmony with the common-rail 6.7L Cummins under the hood. Even the factory Ford APPS is still being used. In the words of Hardway’s Mike Coleman: “We have not tuned the transmission, we have not run separate wires, literally everything works like it should.”




Rick Fletes’ 5.90 Chevelle

Now packing a fresh build, Rick Fletes’ LB7-powered ’70 Chevelle is badder than ever. It spent the weekend at Las Vegas Motor Speedway running in the Street Car Super Nationals, pulling wheelies and collected its first 5-second timeslip. The 275 drag radials seem to be living up to the hype, too, never failing to break traction, and the car’s 60-foots have reportedly never been better. With a few more tweaks, Rick should have a consistent 5.90 Index racer on his hands. Hopefully we’ll see him and his Chevelle at a few ODSS races in 2021.




Back in Time with Motor Week: First-Gen Retro Review

As time continues to erase automotive memories, but Motor Week is digging up the past, in a good way. The auto reviewing juggernaut recently pulled the first-gen Cummins out of its archives, a review that first aired on November 17, 1989. Its test mule? An ’89 Dodge Ram D250 with a Getrag five-speed manual and the legendary 5.9L 6BT Cummins. In testing, the regular cab first-gen went from 0 to 60 mph in 11.2 seconds, and Motor Week made mention of the Ram’s 11,000-pound towing capacity and optional 4,300-pound payload rating—impressive numbers for 31 years ago.






Scheid Diesel Extravaganza Goes Mainstream

The 2020 running of the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza was given a prime time slot in NBC Sports’ Sunday, November 22 TV schedule, with Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League action being viewable. Show times were 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. eastern, with the coverage also being available on Direct TV channel 220 and Dish Network’s channel 159. If things keep exploding in diesel drag racing, maybe we will see some ODSS trucks on national television next year! Either way, make plans to attend the 25th Scheid Diesel Extravaganza on August 27 and 28 next year.






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