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So we held a drag race…

While the country was locked down, we went drag racing. Thanks to host Wagler Motorsports Park, the test session-turned drag race (due to a lucky last minute Indiana regulation change) presented by Nitto Tire USA went off without a hitch over the Memorial Day weekend. Adhering to the ODSS rulebook meant that the fastest diesels in existence showed up in Lyons, Indiana, ready to do what they do best. And thanks to event sponsors like Amsoil, Goerend Transmission, BDS Suspension, KC Turbos, BD Diesel Performance, Stainless Diesel, S&S Diesel Motorsport, AirDog, Luxe Offroad and Hot Shot’s Secret, diesel drag racers and fans alike were allowed to feel normal again. As the day unfolded, we were treated to Brett Deutsch’s Duramax-powered C10 doing a massive wheel-stand, Buddy Callaway’s stock turbo’d LB7 cleaning house in 5.90 Index, 6.0L Power Strokes in the 5’s, and the Hot Shot’s Secret-wrapped, Firepunk Diesel Pro Mod clicking off 4.30s at 170-plus. The entire event was live streamed via Facebook. Go check it out!

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More From Indiana

The big winners from Saturday’s drag race were Larson Miller in Pro Mod, Josh Scruggs in Pro Street, Buddy Callaway in 5.90 Index, Rick Fletes in 6.70 Index, Ryan Riddle in 7.70, and Justyne Hamm in ET Bracket. Jared Jones and the Scheid team were on hand with the rail as well, which nearly matched its best-ever eighth-mile pass with a 4.18 at 176 mph (later in the day they would trap 177). Stay tuned into Diesel World’s social media outlets and the October issue of the magazine for more on the only diesel drag race that’s happened since March.

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Pro Street Truck For Sale

Looking to compete in one of diesel’s quickest classes with a proven performer? Turns out, Emilio Blanco’s fire-red Dodge is up for grabs. Built with an open checkbook, the truck is capable of turning out consistent 5.80s but with a lot more left in the tank. With Blanco behind the wheel, the truck won the 2018 rendition of Diesel Thunder Spring Break. It’s listed for a very reasonable $55,000 on RacingJunk.com. For a truck that could put you in the winner’s circle right out of the gate, we’d say it’s priced to sell.

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Warren Diesel’s New Comp 6.0 Injectors

If you’re trying to make big power with a 6.0L Power Stroke, chances are pretty good you’re running Warren Diesel injectors, or are about to try a set. Now the Pennsylvania HEUI lovers are building 10mm units with massive 6×0.026-inch nozzles. On Warren’s flow bench (and with ICP over 5,000 psi), these babies move 800cc’s of fuel at just 1.7 milliseconds of duration. At 2.0 milliseconds that number jumps to 900cc’s. Even better yet, they have a 10.5mm version in development, with initial flow data showing more than 1,000cc’s on the flow bench.

Source: https://www.warrendiesel.com/



First Fifth-Gen to Break 1,000 HP

Surprise surprise, someone pushed the new 6.7L Cummins into four-digit horsepower territory with a ’19-newer Ram. That someone is Andy Roby, a Firepunk Diesel customer. Saddled with a Tater Built S472, Stainless Diesel T4 manifold, Exergy 100-percent over injectors, and an Exergy 10mm CP4.2, the fifth-gen laid down 1,043-rwhp and 1,611 lb-ft of torque on the dyno. What’s perhaps even more impressive is the fact that they were able to squeeze these numbers through a bone-stock (for now) 68RFE! This setup sure makes the new Cummins’ rods, pistons, CGI block and crank look as stout as was expected.

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Parts Rack


Nitto NT420V

Meet the NT420S all season’s replacement: the NT420V from Nitto Tire USA. With various sizes developed specifically to handle the workloads of a diesel pickup, Nitto’s new luxury truck tire brings 12-ply F load range into the picture for your Ford, Ram or GM workhorse. For outstanding dry performance, large outer tread blocks increase the amount of contact surface area, which also improves cornering grip. An asymmetric sipe and groove count, combined with a variable pitch tread block design work together to reduce road noise, and the tread’s non-directional design also allows for cross rotation for even wear and long-lasting tread life. The NT420V is currently available in 32 different sizes, for 20-inch wheels to 24-inch wheels.

Source: https://www.nittotire.com/




BMW M57 Injectors

S&S Diesel Motorsport, one of the premiere fuel system companies in the diesel industry, has expanded its Next Level Technology to include the BMW M57 common-rail engine. Its injectors for the 3.0L bimmer mill flow 2,250 cc/min, come with nozzles that have undergone a proprietary EDM/hone process, feature internally modified bodies, and are balanced to S&S’s extremely tight specifications. The 2,250 cc/min injectors move enough fuel to more than double the output of the BMW M57 platform with proper ECM calibrating and supporting modifications. A complete set lists for $4,104 with no core charge.

Source: https://ssdiesel.com/


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