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Racer of the Week


Screw-Blown Duramax Dragster

The folks at Wagler Competition Products are at it again. This time, the Odon, Indiana innovators have stuffed a blown, nitrous-fed Duramax into a rail. PSI Superchargers supplied the blower, S&S Diesel Motorsport furnished the fuel system, Nitrous Express sponsored the endless buffet of giggle gas, and Motec handles all engine parameters. The dragster is backed up by a Coan transmission. Last week, the Wagler team made several 60-foot test passes at Wagler Motorsports Park, and we hear their new rocket ship will cover the full ‘660 very soon.

Source: https://waglercompetition.com/





Power Service Rail Is Back in Action

After windowing the block of their billet-aluminum Scheid Diesel Cummins, the Power Service Diesel Race Team has been thrashing to get the engine put back together for their next event. It all came together last week, and the crew even re-plumbed everything with new hoses, tanks, and fittings while they were at it. In the end, they made the call and went head-to-head with Ray Kelly’s jet-powered dragster at Penwell Knights Raceway in Odessa, Texas over the weekend.

Source: https://powerservice.com/




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Diesel World Drags, Round 2

The clock is ticking. Have you made plans to be at Wagler Motorsports Park on July 11? Thanks to Smeding Diesel, we’ll be there, along with the fastest diesel drag racers in the country, for Round 2 of the Diesel World Drags. This time, spectators will be allowed to attend but we will still be broadcasting all the action, from beginning to end, via live feed on our Facebook page. Tickets are available at the gate only, and run $10 apiece, with kids 12 and under being allowed in free of charge. Our live feed is free as well, and starts at 10 a.m. eastern time. Be there or be square!

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Mercedes-AMG: New Electric Turbocharger

Mercedes-AMG, in conjunction with Garrett Motion, may be putting turbo lag to bed for good with its latest technology. Its exhaust gas turbocharger integrates an electric motor directly onto the turbo’s shaft, positioned between the turbine wheel and the compressor wheel, providing instantaneous response. High torque at low speeds, maintaining boost pressure at all times, and a 170,000-rpm shaft speed capability not only make the electric turbo more suited to near-perfect drivability but also durability. We’re told that the turbo will operate through the use of a 48-volt on-board electrical system.

Source: https://newspressusa.org/publicReleaseView/66296/7119?token=c7ksnHLyoPbcRXknS6YZ



Despite Global Economic Slowdown, CO2 Levels Continue to Rise

Thanks to data recently released by Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii, the internal combustion engine may have less of an effect on climate change than we think. Despite the fact that travel of all types is significantly down on a global scale due to Covid-19, the data shows the highest levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide ever measured (417.1 ppm) for the month of May, 2020. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), emissions reductions of 20 to 30-percent would need to be sustained for a six to 12-month period in order for the CO2 levels measured by the Mauna Loa Observatory to be slowed. Yikes.

Source: https://www.esrl.noaa.gov/gmd/obop/mlo/




Pay Per View Pulling?

If you’re like us, then you’ll take truck and tractor pulling any way you can get it. In the Covid-19 era that means watching a live stream event from the comfort of your own home. While not being live in the stands or pits is a definite downer, seeing the best of the best competing in the dirt once again should help make up for it. On June 26 and 27, the Super Stock Shootout is being hosted through WatchPulling.TV for $25 per session or $40 for both, and you’ll be able to see the top Super Stock diesel trucks, 10,000-pound Pro Stock tractors, and an 8,000-pound Alcohol/Diesel Super Stock combo class battle the sled. As for the Super Stock trucks, look for Van Haisley, Shane Kellogg, Calvin Miller, Aiden Hodges, Erik Stacey, Cody Hastings, and 10 others to put on a spectacular show.

Source: https://watchpulling.tv/


Parts Rack


8,200 SKU’s In-Stock, Nationwide

Diesel Forward is the country’s largest distributor of aftermarket diesel fuel system components. From top brands such as Bosch, Alliant Power, BorgWarner, Garrett, Denso, and Stanadyne, to high quality remanufactured parts, they supply the products and offer the support service that keeps your truck, bus, construction equipment or fleet running like new. Diesel Forward boasts an international dealer network of more than 500 service dealers and central distributors, and currently has more than 8,200 different SKU’s in-stock, and ready to ship.

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