Dillon King’s SEMA Project

Dillon King’s love of the automotive scene came as second nature to him. “My father had a custom hot rod shop back in the day, and he has always had projects through the years. I learned a lot from him. He is definitely the reason why I love this industry so much.” While Dillon is a gearhead, his true passion is off-road and lifted trucks. He started his career in commercial lending, but quickly left that job to start his own company called Wet Ink Design, which specialized in water transfer printing in the automotive market. Today, he owns a company called Sic-Auto & Sic-Media that offers off-road accessories, custom fabrication, paint, water-transfer printing, and much more.


Not His First Rodeo

King built a Chevrolet 1500 with Rolling Big Power for the SEMA Show a while back. For the next show, he knew he wanted to team up with RBP again. For this project, he had his sights set on a Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab. “I am always pushing for more, bigger, trying to top what we have done in the past, so I knew that this Ram had to be over-the-top.”  He nicknamed the build “MegaChaos” because, if you’ve ever built a vehicle for SEMA, it is a lot of work in a short amount of time. Dillon built his Dodge from top to bottom with the best-quality parts the industry had to offer.

“I use my truck every day. I drive it to work, I use it to represent my companies, I USE IT.”

Dillon knew he needed some good partners on this build, and major companies such as Rolling Big Power, BDS Suspension, Lund International, and Bully Dog are just a few who helped make it happen. To wake up the Cummins turbo diesel a little bit, Dillon added a S&B cold-air intake, topped off with a Bulldog GTX programmer. Out back, MegaChaos sports a 5” Flo-Pro turbo back exhaust into a 10” RBP tip. The suspension was the most-critical aspect of the build, and Dillon went with a BDS 8-inch, 4 Link suspension system (stretched to 10”) and FOX 2.0 dual-front/single-rear shocks with dual FOX 2.0 steering stabilizer dampers.  For wheels, he teamed up with RBP and installed the Rolling Big Power 71R Avenger 24×14 rims wrapped with Rolling Big Power Repulsor M/T 40×15.50R24LTs. King wanted clean lines on the body, but he still wanted the flares to help with the width of the tires. Bushwacker pocket-style fenders flares added just enough style and width to keep the lines smooth. Other major body modifications included: Rolling Big Power NDX grille, a sword blade insert, AMP Research PowerSteps, Roll-N-Lock bed cover, Decked USA storage system, and an RBP roof/headache rack. Lighting from Kings Dodge served a dual purpose—style and work. Dillon has over 30 different lights installed—controlled through the Ride Controller Pro app.

Rolling Big Power 71R Avenger 24×14 rims wrapped with Rolling Big Power Repulsor M/T 40×15.50R24LT

MegaChaos is a daily driven work/show truck, and not only did it need to look good on the outside, the inside needed to shine as well. Dillon wanted to ride in style and comfort, with a little flare. He installed Roadwire leather interior throughout the truck, US Speedo gauges, and an Alpine sound system you can hear miles away!

“I use my truck every day. I drive it to work, I use it to represent my companies, I USE IT!” said Dillon. He aimed to build a “sick” truck for shows that would both represent the build partners and be ready to work on the farm. “I’m a loud, bold personality, and I wanted MegaChaos to represent just that. It was a beautiful, organized, chaotic process, so for a 2017 Mega Cab build, the name MegaChaos was fitting.”





Getting the Ram up in the air and clearing those 40-inch MTs is done with a BDS 8-inch, 4 Link suspension system utilizing FOX 2.0 dual-front/single-rear shocks with dual FOX 2.0 steering stabilizer dampers.








The bed was not left untouched. A Roll-N-Lock bed cover was installed, keeping the Decked USA storage system out of sight and out of the elements.

2017 Ram 2500 Mega Cab Laramie Cummins 4×4

OWNER: Dillon King
HOMETOWN: Fayetteville, Arkansas
ENGINE: 6.7L Cummins
TUNER: S&B cold-air intake filter, Bully Dog GT programmer, GTX Watchdog, EFI LIVE tune
EXHAUST: Flo-Pro 5-inch/RBP 10” tip
SUSPENSION: BDS 8-inch, 4 Link suspension system (stretched to 10”); FOX 2.0 dual-front/single-rear shocks; dual FOX 2.0 steering stabilizer dampers
GRILLE: Rolling Big Power NDX grille, sword blade insert
BODY: Amp Research PowerSteps; Roll-N-Lock bed cover, Decked USA storage system; Rhino Hitch—13” drop adjustable; Infinite Rule locking hitch pin; Bolt locks; Royal Shackles—front/rear; Prismatic Powders—Illusion purple, (powder-coated lift), Gloss black (bumpers); Rolling Big Power roof rack/headache rack; DUBIR ceramic window tint
BUMPERS: Back Woods Adventure Mods Brute front/rear; Bushwacker fender pocket-style flares—paint-matched
LIGHTS: Custom, paint-matched, color-changing projector bulbs, halos, high beams changed to 3-inch pods, all color-changing lights controlled by Bluetooth; RECON Smoked LED taillights; RECON Smoked LED third brake light; Rolling Big Power rock lights (12); Rolling Big Power light bars—50 inch, 2-11.5-inch, 2-20-inch, D Series three-inch cubes (10); Ride Controller Pro light management
INTERIOR: RoadWire leather front/rear interior; US Speedo gauge face kit; Alpine audio system
WHEELS: Rolling Big Power 71R Avenger 24×14 (5th wheel Spare Included)
TIRES: Rolling Big Power Repulsor M/T 40×15.50R24LT

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