BD Diesel Staging Limiter And APPS Booster

BD Diesel Staging Limiter And APPS Booster

When it comes to diesel drag racing or sled pulling, the first 60 feet can make all the difference in the world, and a bad launch can mean coming up half a second behind or three feet short of the trophy. It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned veteran or a rookie; track conditions, outside air temperature, and even plain old nerves can make every attempt at that perfect pass a challenge.


To help competition drivers ease the pain of launch control, BD Diesel Performance of Abbotsford, British Columbia, developed the Staging Limiter and Throttle Pedal Sensitivity Booster, which precisely controls the amount of turbo boost for more consistent launches.

The new Staging Limiter and Throttle Sensitivity Controller works in 2001-2014 GM Duramax, 1998.5-2014 Dodge Cummins and 2011-2014 Ford Power Stroke applications, and the prewired plug-n-play harness means it can be installed in less than an hour.

The BD control module piggybacks onto the factory accelerator pedal wiring connector and brake light switch. When the controller is activated and the brake pedal is depressed, it alters the signal sent to the engine control module (ECM), limiting engine rpm and boost output as determined by the unit’s adjustment knob. Once the ideal setting is found, the driver can depress the brake, floor the accelerator, and let the BD system handle the rest. The engine will come up to the preset limit and stay there until the brake pedal is released, making for picture-perfect launches, pass after pass. The controller can limit by throttle position, or can be wired to tap into the truck’s boost-pressure or camshaft position sensors.

Along with the Stage Limiting function, the BD module features a Throttle Pedal Sensitivity Booster which can amplify the voltage signal being fed to the truck’s ECM to increase accelerator pedal sensitivity and improve response on the street. The system can be set to three different levels: Default (Stock), Medium (50% boost), and High (100% boost).

For active drag racers, the Staging Limiter can lead to rock-solid dial times, perfect for both bracket and dial racers. When perfect launches and tenths of a second count, the BD Staging Limiter can turn a novice racer into a seasoned pro and a veteran into consistent winner. DW

1 The BD Staging Limiter module is a simple plug-n-play install that can be installed in less than an hour. The model-specific wiring harness features factory-style connectors; hooking up to the vehicle’s throttle pedal and tapping into power and ground are all that is required. Setting up the module involves letting it learn your accelerator pedal’s voltage range and adjusting the control knob to limit output to the desired level.

3 The Staging Limiter allows the driver to adjust engine output using one of three different inputs: Accelerator voltage, boost or rpm. Accelerator voltage is the default; to use boost or rpm, the supplied gray wire must be connected to either the boost sensor or the camshaft position sensor. Another switch changes accelerator pedal sensitivity by boosting the signal being fed to the ECM. The driver can select Stock, Medium or High sensitivity.

2 Inside the sealed module you’ll find the brains of the Staging Limiter and APPS Booster. The PCM board needs to be programmed to your truck’s accelerator pedal, so it can “learn” its voltage range. Once the wiring harness is installed and the module is powered up, the driver presses the “Learn Pedal” button and cycles the accelerator pedal from zero to wide open a few times.

4 For GM Duramax, 2004-2014 Dodge Cummins, and 2011-2015 Ford Power Stroke applications, the supplied wire harness piggybacks into the stock throttle pedal connector. On 1998.5-2003 Dodge Cummins models, the APPS connector is located under the hood on the driver side of the engine, directly below the intake elbow.

5 & 6 By disconnecting the factory harness, the OEM-style connectors on the supplied BD harness can be plugged and zip-tied out of the way. Make sure they are routed clear of any moving parts or heat sources.

7 & 8 The kit comes complete with a custom bracket that allows simple installation of the power switch and control knob. The controller can be mounted within reach of the driver using supplied double sided tape, Velcro, or self-tapping plastic screws.

9 With the harness routed and the control panel installed, the next step is to tap into the vehicle’s brake light switch and a chassis ground. The BD instruction sheet provides guidance as to which wire to use.

10 The final step is the mounting of the control module. Using double-sided tape and Velcro, the small box is secured under the dash above the driver’s feet; providing easy access should adjustments need to be made with the Throttle Sensitivity switch.

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