Weekend Recap 10.16.17

Ride of the Week DW-WEEKENDRECAP-73stang-01 7-second Diesel Mustang

You might think somebody who has been 150-plus in a diesel-powered Ranger (no we’re not kidding) wouldn’t be worried about the big end of the quarter mile, but when you run 7.96 at 186 mph things happen pretty fast. “I lifted at about 1200 feet, this speed thing is new to me!” relates Matt. The Mustang is the result of years worth of hard work by owner Matt Kubik, and features a CGI block 7.3 engine with a host of Hypermax parts including an 8cyl p-pump. At over 100 psi, the Mustang is truly ridiculous, and we especially like the fact it has a “It’s not a Cummins” sticker on the back window!



Quarter Mile plus a quarterDW-WEEKENDRECAP-Mark-01
Duramax does 159 mph in the half-mile

There’s plenty of diesels out there in the 10-12 second range in the quarter, and we’re willing to bet that quite a few owners have wondered what would happened if they stayed in it for a wee bit longer. Mark Broviak from Danville Performance used a low fuel high air approach to run some pretty good numbers in the half-mile; a supercar-embarrassing 159 mph to be exact. Mark indicated that it was by no means a clean pass, as 175 mph should be in the truck’s future. Not bad for a street truck!



No More Sled Pulling!

Well, Not This Year…

We looked all over the pulling organizations….the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League (PPL), the OSTPA (Ohio), as well as Indiana and Kentucky pulling organizations. Sorry folks, the year is over, there’s no more pulling to be had in the Midwest! Not all is lost though. California really doesn’t have seasons, it’s just a little warmer or colder than normal. One of the few benefits is that there’s pulling through Oct and November! Check out MLM Motorsports and the Valley Tractor Pullers Association if you happen to be on the West Coast.



Winter is Coming…

Check Your Batteries!

One of the most often neglected parts of a diesel is its electrical system, and with cold weather and hard starts coming up, it’s time to go through and check some connections. First up should be the batteries, and if your truck has a hard time starting after sitting for a few days, it might be time to replace them. Make sure to get a bare minimum of a 800cca battery for duals, and 1000cca one for a single battery, although two 1000+ cold cranking amp units may be the best option yet. If you’re in sticker shock at the price, check your local battery stores and see if they recycle. We bought a used $60 battery that tested at 1158cca and has lasted for two years!



New Edge VP44 Tech

It’s Not Just 5×5 Anymore….

It’s not that often that VP44 news comes down the pike, so we’re always excited when ‘98.5-’02 Rams get some love. If you remember the Edge Drag Comp you’re not alone….many a happy vp44 owner spent lots of time roasting tires with them. However, now Edge has a Juice with Attitude that comes with a CS2 monitor, and settings up to level 7 (150hp) and allows 3,600 rpm! Your VP truck just might need some new tricks!



Diesels vs Outlaws

No Prep Action at Operation Outlaw

We love seeing diesels in places they don’t belong, and nobody in their right mind would think that even a built diesel could hang with a full on drag car? Right? Well, welcome to Kansas no prep racing, where traction is at a premium, and a diesel’s weight and four-wheel drive even the playing field. Check out this video by Speed Obsessed, and watch for some very fast surprise diesels thrown into the mix in the Street Tire class!
LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fY0FPygoQ3M