Diesel News – New Events for 2023; New Cummins Tuning and more

Truck Of The Week

KC Turbo’s Record-Setting 6.0L Hits The Quarter-Mile

It’s been a while since Charlie Fish and the KC Turbos crew unleashed their 6.0L Power Stroke at a racetrack. All of that ended over the weekend in a big, big way. At Tucson Dragway, and with friend Tony Evans working on making his pro licensing passes, the purple, 4R100-shifted, Warren-fueled, KC T4 S480 turbo’d, and Kill Devil Diesel engine’d Super Duty put up a new best of 5.36 at 129 mph in the eighth. The truck would also claim the quickest quarter-mile ET for a 6.0L Power Stroke, despite being on the brakes, of 8.85 seconds.

Source: https://kcturbos.com/




Square Body Duramax

Before trucks became Cadillacs that could tow mountains, there were square body Chevy’s and GMC’s. And what’s better than a Duramax-swapped square body? Not very much! This gem was dropped off at LinCo Diesel Performance for some drivability, chassis, and transmission revisions. The compound turbo’d 6.6L under the hood was originally put together by Perkins Diesel, spent time at Fleece Performance Engineering, and sports a few fueling goodies from S&S Diesel Motorsport. Rumor has it the truck cleared 980 hp at one point, so not only is this classic classy in appearance, it’s packing a lot of raw, very usable horsepower.

Source: https://lincodieselperformance.com/


Built (To The Hilt) TH400 For Sale

It’s crazy what you come across for sale in the diesel racing industry anymore. And who ever thought the Turbo 400 would be so popular among the highest horsepower, fastest racers in the industry? Recently, Armor Inc. Diesel & Suspension put the lockup TH400 out of its race truck up for grabs. Built by WP Developments, the list of ingredients is impressive, and starts with a Reid case, oversized shafts, an XST planetary, Raybestos clutches, pulse width modulated lockup circuit with adjustable accumulator, external solenoid mounting, and 2.10, 1.40, 1.1 gear ratios. For one of the toughest transmissions on the market, and with the ability to tune out any chassis unsettling, the $15,000 price tag is a bargain.

Source: https://armorinc.ca/


A Word On The Fall Harvest

America’s heartland is abuzz at the moment with combines, tractors, semi’s, grain trucks and other ag equipment all helping to bring in the 2022 corn and soybean harvest. The Diesel Technology Forum’s Allen Schaeffer presents a picture that would make anyone proud of what our nation’s farmers accomplish in a 2-month window each fall. Did you know more than 90-percent of U.S. corn comes from just 18 states (Iowa, Illinois, Nebraska, Minnesota and Indiana are the top five). Corn also accounts for more than 95-percent of total feed grain production and use. This time of year represents a delicate dance for farmers, between the calendar, clock, weather, land, machines, and humans. Why does all of this matter? Because harvesting equipment is almost exclusively diesel-powered. Photo taken courtesy of Nathan “Tater” Harden.

Source: https://dieselforum.org/


Another Glimpse Into The Future, EV Utopia None Of You Want…

Situations and images like this are everywhere these days, most in an attempt to illustrate how unprepared America is for an EV future at the present time. Imagine a mass transit bus loaded full of passengers having to be recharged in an empty parking lot. Well, you don’t have to use your imagination here… CAT diesel generator to the rescue—along with a diesel-propelled Super Duty towing it there. Our guess is that it’s much more cost-effective to have portable power generation show up for a recharge rather than have the bus towed back to HQ or to a suitable charging station.




NHRDA Talks Comeback

It’s official: according to the National Hot Rod Diesel Association (NHRDA), the series will be returning in 2023. The organization was laid to rest back in 2018, but many of its members held out hope the organization would return one day. Now it looks like that day will come at some point next year. No official race dates have been made public yet, but sources confirm the NHRDA will release its ’23 schedule sometime around the SEMA Show. The news has many West Coast and southwestern racers excited to potentially have a place to call home again. Stay tuned.

Source: https://nhrda.com/



Parts Rack

Emissions-Friendly, ’19-’21 Cummins Tuning On The Way

Hardway Performance has been hard at work perfecting its emissions-intact tuning for late-model Cummins-powered Rams and this little jewel may soon be available for sale. The device plugs into the OBD-II port, offers gains of up to 120 hp and 240 lb-ft, and provides six shift-on-the fly settings. Better yet, you get to use your truck’s cruise control buttons as the switch! Product support will be available for ’19-’21 Rams initially, but then Hardway plans to fine-tune things for the ’13-’18 market. That will be followed by emissions-friendly tuning for ’22-newer platforms.

Source: https://hardwayperformance.com/


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