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Diesel News 9.23.19

Truck of the Week A First-Gen to Join 5.90 Index It’s been six years since Logan Yelton’s ’93 Dodge has been out and about, but it hasn’t exactly been hiber...

Diesel News 9-9-19

Truck of the Week 9-second Dodge for Sale Want to go fast? If you’re looking for a turn-key, full-size diesel that can dominate the track, meet Nick Eklund’s ...

Diesel News 9-3-19

Truck of the Week 683HP L5P For Sale It may be gone by the time you read this, but as of the last week of August, the guys at LinCo Diesel Performance had t...

Diesel News 8-26-19

Truck of the Week 1,000HP Low-Mile ’07 5.9L While most of us think a ton of work is required to make four-digit horsepower, Keith Burwinkel makes it look easy...