Diesel News – What we weren’t told about the CP4

Pass Of The Week

Hollyrock’s Rail Goes 4.26

Prepping for the next round of Outlaw Diesel Super Series drag racing, which is coming up this weekend at the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza, Mattie and Mike Graves have been working overtime to get the Hollyrock rail through the eighth quicker. Whatever they did last Thursday definitely worked, as Mattie piloted the dragster to a 4.26-second pass at 167 mph. The pass looked good from wire to wire and kicked off with a 1.03-second 60-foot. With this kind of ET potential, the Graves might just become a serious threat to Scheid Diesel’s dominance in the dragster category.

Source: http://www.hollyrockcustoms.com/




Shane Kellogg, Super Stock Diesel Truck

Shane Kellogg Wins In Bowling Green

The National Tractor Pulling Championship is an event every competitive puller wants to win, and within the Super Stock Diesel Truck category it was once again Shane Kellogg’s turn in 2022. It was Kellogg’s third time winning the coveted affair, but it didn’t exactly come easy. After finishing third on Friday night, his engine—which had an incredible 97 hooks on it—check out, costing him a chance to compete in the pull-off that followed. Luckily, Jeff Mifek loaned Kellogg a replacement long-block, which Kellogg and his team retrieved in Indiana and had installed in Trump 12 hours later. Saturday night, Kellogg put 12 feet on the rest of the field, sealing the deal at Bowling Green 2022.

Source: https://www.pulltown.com/


3,000 Streetable Horsepower

3,000 Streetable Horsepower

Rocky Mountain Race Week 2.0 will be graced with a certain green third-gen the week of September 4 to 9. Chris Patterson plans to race and drive his mega-horsepower Cummins for the duration of a week that winds through Oklahoma and Texas. But that’s only part of the story. Post-UCC, Patterson has made his dually streetable again by reinstalling the interior, bed, body panels, tail lights, turn signals, and all the rest of it. It might even have a trailer behind it when traveling from track to track…

Source: https://rockymountainraceweek.com/




No, it’s not a Cummins conversion

IDI To PSD Swap—Plus 400 HP

No, it’s not a Cummins conversion. Instead, this early ’94 crew cab, IDI-powered OBS Ford was treated to a 7.3L Power Stroke transplant, plus a few go-fast, axle, and suspension goodies. In the care of Truck Source Diesel & Off-Road, enough fuel and air were thrown at the 7.3L to clear 600 hp (thanks to parts from Strictly Diesel, DieselSite, FASS, Bean Machine, and Mishimoto), but it also underwent an ’05 front axle swap with King coil overs and 40-inch Toyo Open Country M/T’s. Select parts from Carli Suspension, One Up Offroad, Vibrant Performance, Power Stop Brakes, and S&B Filters also made it into the ground-up build.

Source: http://www.trucksourcediesel.com/


lowering kit for two-wheel drive F-250 and F-350s

Looking To Lower Your OBS?

From sky-high to laying frame, the aftermarket niche continues to hold strong (and dare we say ‘grow’) for ’94-’97 F-series trucks. According to the unofficial ambassadors for the OBS aftermarket, Complete Performance, you can’t go wrong with a premium drop kit from DJM Suspension. Its dream beams, included in its ¾ lowering kit for two-wheel drive F-250 and F-350s, allow you to drop the front end of your OBS 3-inches without causing any alignment issues. A DJM leaf spring and shackle kit can drop the rear of an ’87-’97 4-inches for a muscular stance.

Source: https://djmsuspension.com/



OEM News

Bosch CP4.2 high-pressure fuel pump

More On Chrysler’s CP4 Recall

In its decision to voluntarily recall roughly 250,000 high output ’19-’20 6.7L Cummins engines equipped with the Bosch CP4.2 high-pressure fuel pump, Ram owners the world over rejoiced. But now, it appears there may be a twist. Rumor has it that many ’19 Ram 3500 owners have been denied factory-backed CP3 conversions—what was promised when the recall went into effect. While we can’t confirm that Stellantis’ (parent company of Ram Trucks) is now only honoring the recall for ’20 models, the rumor mill has also kicked out verbiage that suggests a “revamp” for the ’19 model year engines is on the way, whatever that means…

Source: https://www.stellantis.com/en



Navistar’s New S13 Integrated Powertrain

Developed over the course of five years in conjunction with members of the Traton Group, Navistar has introduced what it believes will be one of the most efficient commercial heavy-duty powertrain packages in North America. The company’s S13 engine, T14 transmission, and ‘dual stage’ after-treatment emissions system is said to be the lightest powertrain on the market. Pitted against the company’s current powertrain offering, the S13 Integrated Powertrain can offer up to a 15-percent gain in fuel efficiency. Navistar’s inline-six displaces 12.7L, features a 23:1 compression ratio, utilizes a fixed geometry turbo, an 1,800 bar (26,000 psi) common-rail system, and boasts a B10 life of 1.2 million miles. A dual-stage, dual dosing SCR catalyst system and uncooled EGR are used to curb NOx.

Source: https://dieselnet.com/news/2022/08navistar.php

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