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Championship-Caliber Super Stock Truck For Sale

Carl Atley’s Lethal Weapon Super Stock Ford is up for sale and, while not exactly cheap, its $200,000 asking price is pretty fair considering what the truck is capable of. The billet-aluminum blocked, Scheid-built Cummins has earned numerous victories over the years, and also claimed Super Stock points championships in both PPL and NTPA. When you think about it, a Super Stock engine alone is well north of $100,000 these days (and that price might not even include a pump or turbos!), so picking up a tried and true truck for this price is a pretty darn good deal in our book. Whoever ends up with this truck will be a force to be reckoned with in diesel’s most powerful pulling class.


Cowtown Showdown

The Cowtown Showdown was added to a growing list of indoor truck and tractor pulls held during the winter season, and the weekend of March 14-16 things got rowdy at Hale Arena in Kansas City, Missouri. Both the Limited Pro Stock diesel trucks (3.0 smooth bore) and Pro Street diesel trucks (2.6 smooth bore) were on the docket, along with a host of tractor classes that included both the 10,000-pound Pro Stocks and 9,500-pound Limited Pro Stocks. In the Pro Street truck class, RayJay Rindt would travel nearly 600 miles from Wisconsin to take the win in his third-gen Dodge coined Wicked White Knight.

Keystone Nationals

A thousand miles east of K.C., MO, another big indoor truck pull was taking place in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. In addition to various tractor classes, the Keystone Nationals Indoor Truck and Tractor Pull hosted an 8,000-pound Diesel 4×4 class, which brought out the likes of heavy hitters such as Jesse Warren and Nathan Vegh. On Friday, 14 trucks fought for the top five spots in Saturday night’s final, with Carl Ankiewicz Jr., Andrew Grove, Chris Mast, Tyler Fleck, and Joshua Gardiner all making the cut. After Tyler Fleck turned over driving duties to his brother, Shane, the PA brothers took home the overall win (including the qualifying win on Friday).

World’s Most Powerful Titan XD?

CFT Performance is one of few shops that have geared up to serve the aftermarket niche that is the Cummins-powered Nissan Titan, and so far they’ve definitely delivered. While tuning unleashed plenty of the 5.0L V-8’s potential, the biggest gains have been realized since the factory turbo was scrapped in favor of a 5-blade S366 from Stainless Diesel. On a recent trip to Stainless Diesel, where the truck was strapped to the company’s in-house chassis dyno, the CFT Performance test mule belted out an impressive 548 hp at the wheels. Not bad for factory injectors and a stock CP4.2.

Parts Bin

Upgraded 7.3L Flex Plate

For all you 7.3L Power Stroke lovers, there is now a flex plate that bridges the gap between stock and full billet for E40D’s and 4R100’s—and it’s less than $300. High torque applications are known to tear the center sections out of stock units and leave you dead in the water. Dorsey Diesel’s new flex plates are 0.080-inches thicker than the factory flex plate and are designed for 7.3L owners running moderate horsepower rather than all-out competition builds. The direct result of high demand for a budget-minded flex plate, Dorsey’s flex plates are SFI rated and retail for just $297.99.

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