The Truck Of The Week…Could Be Yours!

Old Hustle, New Flow Ford For Sale

It’s won Pro Street and 5.90 Index titles and it’s been a proven performer for more than a decade. It’s the Old Hustle, New Flow OBS Ford, and it’s up for sale. The’94 Ford Lightning boasts an Industrial Injection 6.4L Cummins long-block (wet block and head), Dynomite Diesel 5.9L-based injectors, Stainless Diesel’s S485 Godfather turbo, a Rossler TH400 (2.10/1.40) with a Sun Coast billet lockup converter, and an SFI 25.6 chassis. As it sits, the truck will run repeatable 5.20s in the eighth-mile, but has 4-second potential for anyone looking to compete in Pro Street. The current asking price is $60,000 (OBO)—one heck of a deal for a turnkey truck that’s already proven it can dominate some of diesel drag racing’s fastest categories.

*UPDATE – We’re now told, the truck has sold




Hole Shot Diesel Series Visits Bandimere Speedway

The newly-established Hole Shot Diesel Series rolled into the greater Denver area over the weekend. Among the daylong festivities, Mike Skinner’s Pro Mod Ram, coined The Ramifications, took to the track, and effortlessly put up a 5.35 at 125 mph in the eighth-mile. The 6.70 and 7.70 Index classes were also run, along with an ET Bracket category and Fun Runs for novice racers. As will be the case throughout the Hole Shot Diesel Series, it was live-streamed on the Diesel World Magazine Facebook page. The next stop? Texas Truck Jam on August 13-14. If you can’t make it out in person be sure to check out the live feed!





Ram Tough?

Without a doubt, it was a rough day for this late-model Ram owner. The following is a public service announcement… Bumper towed dump trailers can get you into trouble quick in terms of tongue weight. Always make sure you know your truck’s conventional trailer weight rating along with how much weight your receiver hitch is rated to handle. This frame-crippling scenario won’t likely be covered under warranty, and would’ve been anything but safe out on the highway. The one positive here is that the epic failure occurred while the truck was still in the quarry…


Train Full Of F-150’s Derails

At the beginning of August, Ford had more than 60,000 incomplete cars and trucks sitting around collecting dust thanks to the global semiconductor chip shortage. A recent train derailment didn’t help matters. The 30-plus car derailment, which occurred in northeast Missouri on August 2, was reportedly laden with an unknown number of brand-new (fully finished) F-150’s, along with Transit vans. It’s rumored that the vehicles were being transported from Ford’s Kansas City assembly plant to dealerships. It’s still unclear as to how many vehicles were onboard during the train wreck, but luckily no one was injured when it left the track.





Biden Administration Discloses Its Clean Vehicle Goals

The White House has formally spoken about the subject of vehicle emissions, and it’s no surprise that more stringent regulations are coming. During the first week of August, the Biden administration released an executive order that sets a goal of making 50-percent of all new vehicle sales electric by 2030. In conjunction with the EPA, a proposed rule will tighten light-duty vehicle greenhouse gas emission standards for model years 2023-2026. In addition, the NHTSA announced it will unveil a parallel proposal to tighten the CAFE fuel economy standards. If finalized, the latter would all but completely undo the relaxed CAFE and GHG standards enacted under the Trump administration.




UK Climate Change Spokesperson Prefers Diesel Over Electric

British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson’s climate spokesperson, Allegra Stratton, chooses diesel over electric for her personal transportation needs. “I don’t fancy it [electric vehicles] just yet,” she was quoted as saying in an article in The Guardian. Citing a lack of charging infrastructure, Stratton said that stopping to charge an EV during her frequent 200-250-mile drives to see family isn’t practical. However, she also conceded that if quicker charge times were made possible she might entertain the idea of going electric. As for now, Stratton relies on a third-hand, TDI-powered Volkswagen Golf to get her where she needs to be.




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