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Derek Rose in Prime Time

Things are definitely coming full circle for Derek Rose, the Pro Street driver and 2019 Ultimate Callout Challenge champion. He and his 2,500hp ’06 Dodge recently made the cut to run with the big dogs of Street Outlaws. Rose, who hails from Michigan, will be representing Team Detroit and will soon be making the trek out to Wyoming for filming. In preparation for his appearance on one of the biggest stages in the country, Derek has been working on his four-wheel drive burnout game—and it’s looking pretty good. Keep your eyes peeled for the episode that permits one of the nastiest diesels on the planet to mix it up with the juggernauts of no-prep racing.






New Pro Street Record

The Firepunk camp has moved the goal posts once again in Pro Street. With Josh Scruggs behind the wheel of the same ’06 Dodge that previously owned the 4.97-second Pro Street eighth-mile record (achieved back when Lavon Miller was piloting), a packed grandstand at Edgewater Sports Park witnessed a 4.92-second pass at 149 mph. Then, Scruggs backed it up with an even quicker 4.91! Compared to the truck’s previous best, the biggest improvement is present in its 330-foot (3.27 vs. 3.34). It’s clear that precise application of the truck’s 2,000-plus horsepower is paying off—and we’ve got a long way to go before racing season concludes. Next stop, 4.80s!





Is a Billet 6.0L Block on the Way?

If you haven’t been following the various exploits of Jesse Warren over the years, we feel sorry for you. Warren has pushed the 6.0L Power Stroke platform (HEUI system included) to unimaginable heights. Along the way, he’s experienced plenty of carnage but never hit any permanent roadblock. Recently however, he finally found the limit of the factory cast-iron block. While pulling his compound turbocharged “Shark Bait” Super Stock truck over the weekend, the entire right bank of the engine split. The block was filled with cement, the bores were 0.030-inch over, and the engine was dragged down to 4,800 rpm (from 5,800 rpm) before all hell broke loose. The truck’s 29.5-mph suggests Shark Bait is on track with the best in the business though.






Racing Debut: Ben Shadday’s Pro Mod Corvette

If you haven’t made arrangements to attend Round 2 of the Diesel World Drags presented by Smeding Diesel at Wagler Motorsports Park on July 11th, you need to. Among many other wicked fast Pro Mods, Ben Shadday will be in town with his brand-new, ’63 Corvette. The Wagler CX Cummins-powered car has already been spied making test hits at Wagler’s eighth-mile facility, followed by the kind of chassis adjustments (courtesy of Hammertech Racecars) that could put cold hard cash in Shadday’s hands on race day. Join us in person or via our live stream beginning at 10 a.m. on July 11th to see if Shadday’s new car can rule the roost.





RTDS 7 is a Go!

Finally, the ODSS can get back to business as usual. Coming to Crossville, Tennessee July 24-25, the seventh Rocky Top Diesel Shootout will take place as scheduled. With the season points schedule now condensed down to just a handful of races, you can bet competitors across all racing classes will be bringing their A-game to the Volunteer state. The action kicks off on Friday night with a diesel vs. gas race and Pro class qualifying (5.90 Index, Pro Street, Pro Mod, and Pro Dragster). On Saturday, Pro class eliminations will commence, along with a massive truck show and vendor midway.





Who’s your pick to win? When both trucks are finished (currently both are reportedly under the knife), a drag race between Ethan Patterson’s gutted, Pro Street Dodge and Chris Garrett’s ’02 Lightning has been promised. The Lightning sports a 5.8L big bore engine fed via a 4.7 Kenne Bell supercharger and Trick Flow heads, with a 300-shot of nitrous also on tap. Ethan’s Cummins-propelled ’06 Ram boasts a 6.7L block sleeved down to a 5.9L bore, a single S485, 400-percent over injectors, dual 12mm CP3’s, and three stages of spray. We’re told their race weights are similar (roughly 4,400 pounds) and both owners are down for a heads-up showdown. Time to lock in a date!




650,000-Mile LML Duramax

They don’t all crack pistons and lose CP4.2’s? As proof that the LML Duramax can go the distance, Full Pull Diesel Performance recently took in this 650,000-mile, untouched Chevy dually for some work. Among the upgrades were head studs and a CP3 conversion. Ditching the CP4.2 and anchoring the freshened up heads to the block with ARP’s should send the LML well on its way toward the million-mile mark. In the age of crippling emissions controls and countless horror stories about CP4.2 failures, it’s nice to be reminded that modern day diesels can indeed last, especially if properly maintained.



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