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Pulling On The Drag Strip

The first World Series of Pulling event was hosted at Summit Motorsports Park over the weekend. The legendary Norwalk, Ohio drag strip was graced with truckload after truckload of native clay for a mid-summer blockbuster featuring trucks, tractors, and semis. Despite the inaugural affair being cut short due to weather, fans did get to see Van Haisley pilot Rock Hard Ram to the winner’s circle in the Super Stock Diesel Truck class. The World Series of Pulling was sanctioned by the Lucas Oil Pro Pulling League, and hopefully, it will become an annual spectacle for northern Ohioans.





Towed Home Due To Toe-In

Ouch! We’ve seen this one before. It’s proof that tie-rod failure is still alive and well for IFS-equipped GMs. Of course, this version likely wasn’t fitted with any of the readily available front-end upgrades that keep this very thing from happening (namely tie rod sleeves) during boosted four-wheel drive launches. The picture comes courtesy of KOI Drag Racing, a Kentucky-based organization that hosts dirt drags throughout Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and even into Michigan. A note to all Duramax owners: spend the $80 on tie-rod sleeves now and avoid this failure altogether.



Fuel Pump Testing

Strictly Diesel has been busy testing a host of lift pumps for hot-rod 7.3L and 6.0L Power Stroke applications. And while the results haven’t yet been revealed, the folks at Strictly have admitted that some of their findings were surprising. Despite nothing being made public, we have a feeling we know which pump tested performed extremely well. This is the kind of research that aids a fuel system company like Strictly to better serve its customers. After all, when you have first-hand, in-house test data for each pump and you know which setup does what and just how much injector each setup will handle, you’re way ahead of the guessing game many others are playing.



Sell Complete Performance Your Cores

If you’ve got 7.3L PCMs, IDMs, HPOPs, steering wheels, injectors, Alcoa wheels, or other valuable cores taking up space in your garage or shop, Complete Performance wants to buy them from you—and they’re paying good money, too. For example, PCMs they’re paying $75 cash (each) or offering $100 (each) in store credit. You simply fill out the core form on their website to get the process started. This is a great way to help a company that will rebuild these parts and pieces to help keep other Ford owners (both OBS and Super Duty) on the road for years to come.



Racing Legend Richard Petty Backs The RPM Act


Welcomed news from PRI reports that NASCAR legend Richard Petty joined forces with SEMA CEO Mike Spagnola on July 19th to advocate for the RPM Act in the nation’s capital. Like many NASCAR drivers, Petty competed in a race car that began life as a street-legal vehicle. Petty and Spagnola showed up in Washington D.C. to push for the passage of the RPM Act (the Recognizing the Protection of Motorsports Act), which is awaiting committee action in both the House of Representatives and the Senate. Following his meetings with more than a dozen congressional members, Petty stated that a major focus of his visit was to find a way to get the RPM Act passed this year.




EV News

Cross Country Towing In An Electric Truck…Doesn’t End Well

And now for your weekly dose of an electric vehicle fails, 1320 Video provides the pill every EV advocate needs to swallow. A couple decided to tow a Mustang 2,700 miles across the country with an electric-powered truck (that appears to be a Rivian). Similar to what happened in The Fast Lane Truck’s test (where an electric F-150’s range while towing was less than 90 miles), the pair had to stop every 100 miles to recharge. Once again, EV range while towing has been highlighted as a major weak spot in current electric technology. In the words of 1320: “All the torque you would ever need…just not the range.”



New Study: Diesels Could Lower Emissions Quicker Than Electric Trucks

A study put together by the folks at the Diesel Technology Forum makes a strong case for trucking fleets to convert to modern, clean diesel engines rather than electric ones ones. The study reveals that the adoption of electric vehicles would cost a large trucking operation three times more than simply converting to the latest diesel engine technology currently available. But the biggest news from the report suggests that soot-related pollutants are actually higher from EV trucks as opposed to state-of-the-art diesel when you factor in power plant emissions. An article from Land Line Magazine cliff notes the study (see the link below), but you can find out even more information about the study at


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