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Diesel Truck Adventures: Highlights from Carlisle Truck Nationals and Scheids Diesel Extravaganza

A Month of Diesel Trucks in the Midwest

As the sun sets on another unforgettable month, I can’t help but look back on the experiences I’ve had at the Carlisle Truck Nationals and Scheids Diesel Extravaganza. From drag racing and SuperStock tractors in Indiana to the camaraderie of fellow diesel truck enthusiasts in Pennsylvania, it’s been a journey like no other.

The Carlisle Truck Nationals team put on another awesome event, beating their current record for show truck attendance, and boy, does the content get better and better every year! The event was a true feast for the eyes if you love classic trucks and big rigs. This is one of my favorite weekends of the year; we can’t wait to be back.

But the excitement didn’t stop there. The Scheids Diesel Extravaganza was a symphony of raw power and innovation, where diesel enthusiasts united to celebrate their shared passion of screaming turbos and big horsepower. The roar of drag races and the smell of damp clay and diesel exhaust filled the air as competitors pushed sled pulling machines to the limit! We have some new faces coming to print from this event, so be on the lookout for those in upcoming issues.

As we get into this issue of Diesel World, I’m reminded of the privilege I’ve had in documenting these events with my team and the great people we get to spend our weekends with that love this scene as much as I do. It’s a true testament that the “diesel world” is thriving, and it gives a look into some corners of the industry that may not get the attention they deserve. All of the features in this issue were hand-picked and are vehicles that aren’t just built for clout or Internet likes and praise at shows.

In the end, the cameras might have captured the trucks, but it’s the people and their stories that truly take the spotlight. Here’s to the memories made and to a new look for the mag! Enjoy!


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