Diesel News 7.2.18

Truck of the Week

DW-DIESELNEWS-011,050 HP Duraburb

And it’s for Sale!

You’ve seen it featured in the pages of Diesel World (October, 2017 issue) and now you can own it! That’s right, DuramaxTuner.com’s 1,050-rwhp Duramax-powered ‘04 Suburban 2500 is up for grabs. For $65,000 (or best offer) you get a built LBZ (girdle, ARP main and head studs, Carrillo rods, alternate fire camshaft), an Exergy fuel system (street series 14mm CP3, 150-percent over injectors), and a compound turbo system (Stealth 64 VVT with an S488 SX-E) under the hood. A DT1000 six-speed Allison—complete with a host of billet internals and a billet stator Goerend converter—is also part of the deal. The one of a kind SUV has just 119,000 miles on the chassis and has trapped 125 mph through the quarter-mile—meaning it’s capable of high 10’s…






5.90 Index Ford

Brian Jelich’s 7.3L

After campaigning one of the fastest, most powerful 7.3L Power Strokes in the country for more than a decade, Brian Jelich is completely transforming his steel ’00 F-350 into a full-on 5.90 Index rig. To be competitive, the heavy Super Duty has been placed on a strict fiberglass diet. It’s shown here with its new GTS nose and doors (a savings alone worth roughly 800 pounds). The truck has been fitted with a chromoly cage that meets the 25.6 SFI chassis certification and it’s also rumored that Jelich’s Ford will be one of the first trucks to run a trans brake in conjunction with a four-wheel drive model 4R100. When it’s all said and done, Jelich may even run Pro Street at select events.




Wagler DX460

To Grace Canadian Puller

We can’t help it; any time we see one of these billet beauties we have to report it. If you’re familiar with the pulling truck coined “Under Warranty” campaigned by Dave Snyder, you’ll be glad to hear he’s stepping up the Duramax power plant in his GMC with this DX460 from Wagler Competition Products. Based on Wagler’s billet monoblock, the DX460 features a 460 cubic inch displacement in order to remain legal in most sanctioning bodies, and dyno results have shown that 2,400 to 2,500 hp is possible on a single charger. The DX460 and DX500 engine lines usually conceal other exotic components such as Winberg crankshafts, Wagler-massaged Top Fuel pistons, Comp Cams roller cams, Manton roller bridges, Trend wrist pins and pushrods, and much more.



2019 Chevrolet Silverado LTZ
An all-new Duramax 3.0L Turbo Diesel with start/stop technology paired with a 10-speed transmission will be available as an option in early 2019.

OEM News

More Truck, Capability and Value in 2019 Silverado

Chevrolet has announced that the 2019 Silverado 1500, which is slated to debuted the all-new 3.0L inline-six diesel, will be larger, offer more capability, achieve better fuel efficiency, and also come with a starting MSRP that is as much as $700 lower than the outgoing ’18 model. Chevrolet boasts that its ’19 models feature the largest cargo volume available in any full-size truck, from short bed to standard bed to long bed configurations. The renowned Z-71 off-road equipment package will be available on all models as well. While power ratings, tow ratings, and estimated fuel economy numbers haven’t yet been released for the diesel-powered half-tons, you can expect the numbers to match or compete with Ford’s diesel-equipped F-150.




Head to Head

Diesel F-150 Vs. Nissan Titan XD Diesel

In a comparison put together for its customers that tow horse trailers and campers, haul recreational equipment or furniture, and those looking to take road trips with their new trucks, BlueSpringsFord.com put together a detailed infographic pitting the new diesel F-150 against the diesel Nissan Titan XD. The results? Ford’s half-ton beats the Nissan in fuel economy and overall range (25-mpg vs. 18-mpg, and 575 vs. 468 miles), maximum payload (2,020 lbs vs. 2,000 lbs), and can nearly tow the same amount the Nissan can (11,400 lbs vs. 12,030 lbs). However, the base price of a diesel-equipped F-150 will cost you $890 more than what it takes to get into a Cummins-powered Titan.



Ford Meets Emissions Reduction Goal

Ahead of Schedule

In its 19th annual Sustainability Report, Ford Motor Company has announced its emissions reduction goal was achieved eight years ahead of schedule. In 2010, Ford set off on a mission to reduce the company’s global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from manufacturing operations by 30-percent per vehicle produced by the year 2025. Thanks to taking measures such as installing some 100,000 LED light fixtures, updating its painting operations with a wet-on-wet application process, and improving its machining tool lubrication process, FoMoCo met its goal in 2017—twice as fast as was originally projected. Officials have stated that the company’s new goal will focus on Ford’s increased use of renewable energy while maintaining its energy efficiencies.




Parts Rack

Show Hooks

4th Gen Ram, from Flight Fab

If you’re looking for a little front end dress up for your third or fourth generation Cummins, Flight Fabrications now offers billet-aluminum show hooks. Available for ’03-’18 Ram 2500 and 3500’s, the Flight “show hooks” tow hooks are CAD-designed and precision machined from 6061 aluminum. The one piece hooks can be had in raw or polished finishes, and can be installed using the factory hardware and without pulling the bumper. Intended solely for show, the billet-aluminum hooks do not function like steel tow hooks.

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