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Cover “Bus” Spotted in Music City

If you’ve picked up your copy of the March 2020 issue, you’ve seen the ’41 Chevy school bus that graces the cover. Several readers spied the compound turbo’d, chopped and bagged Cummins out and about in Nashville recently, where it was in town for the Tennessee Motorama, an indoor car show held on January 11th. As proof that his people hauler will take anyone anywhere, owner Jason Bliesner racked up more than 800 miles on the two-day trip. After earning a Top 50 award at the car show, Bliesner and his rat-rod hit the town for a little entertainment. Will Nashville ever be the same?




Super Stock Trucks at Cloverdale

From indoor car shows to indoor truck pulls, the winter event season is now in full swing. Over the weekend of January 10-11, the Super Stock trucks made their way to Cloverdale, Indiana for the NTPA’s 2020 Winter Nationals, where they competed on a track that boasts a 320-foot-long track. During the Friday night show, Shane Kellogg put more than 15-feet on the rest of the field, taking the win in dramatic fashion by plowing the front weight box into the dirt pile. On Saturday, Kellogg would return to the front, but end up taking Second in the pull-off, with Kent Crowder taking the overall win.

Source: http://www.ntpawinternationals.com/




Big Power 6.0L Build

KC Turbos customer Eric Borgen spent more than a year transforming his ’06 6.0L Power Stroke into a low 12-second sleeper. His recipe for power includes an S369 SX-E turbo, Warren Diesel 330/150 hybrid injectors, Kill Devil Diesel Stage 2 cam, a 6.7L Power Stroke lift pump and O-ringed heads secured via ARP Custom Age 625+ head studs. A recent dyno tuning session at Truck Source Diesel yielded 742 hp and 1,215 lb-ft of torque, and despite the fact that he’s waiting on a built transmission, Eric’s Super Duty still went  12.1 at 109 mph. Once the 5R110 is built, he plans to get his regular cab long bed into the 10’s.

Source: https://kcturbos.com/



OEM News

2019 F-350 Lariat Crew Cab
2019 F-350 Lariat Crew Cab magnetic color

Ford Sells Nearly 1 Million Trucks

In 2019, Ford’s F-series was once again crowned America’s best-selling truck, this time for the 43rd straight year, not to mention it also marked the 38th consecutive year as America’s best-selling vehicle. Total sales figures on Blue Oval trucks (which includes Ranger sales) totaled 986,097 units last year—an 8.4-percent increase over 2018. In the fourth quarter alone, Ford truck sales soared to 330,075 units, a strong finish for the year and an uptick of 15.9 percent. With 2020 Super Duty’s beginning to populate dealer lots and an all-new F-150 and Bronco on the way, 2020 should be an even bigger year for the Dearborn-based automaker.

Source: https://media.ford.com/content/dam/fordmedia/North%20America/US/2020/01/06/sales-4q2019.pdf



New Emission Standards Proposed for 2027

In addition to the final set of heavy-duty phase 2 GHG emissions standards, the EPA is considering the implementation of new on-highway standards beginning in model year 2027. The EPA’s recent advance notice of proposed rule (ANPR) promotes pre-proposal comments on a rulemaking effort called the Cleaner Trucks Initiative (CTI). While emission limits are yet to be determined, the ANPR specifies the primary goal of controlling in-use emissions during real-world driving conditions. For example, instances of higher NOx emissions can occur at idle, during engine warm-up, and under low-load situations, which means new thermal management technologies and advanced catalyst configurations will likely be required.

Source: https://dieselnet.com/news/2020/01epa.php



Parts Rack


Aeromotive Pump Speed Controller

Already offering some of the best aftermarket fuel pumps in the world, Aeromotive has taken things a step further with its True Variable Speed (TVS) fuel pump controller. Designed to work in conjunction with its highly dependable line of brushless gear fuel pumps, the controller adjusts the pump’s speed according to demand and in an effort to drop fuel temperatures and improve overall fuel system efficiency. The controller can be set up to utilize a 0-5-volt DC input from the ECM or configured to work off of the vehicle’s throttle position sensor. Although designed to work with 3.5 and 5.0 GPM in-tank gear pumps, Aeromotive’s controller can be retrofitted to any brushless pump released prior.

Source: https://aeromotiveinc.com/



Increased Holding Power for ’11+ Allisons

The six-speed Allison used behind the LML and L5P Duramax is known to only apply 200-psi or more of clutch apply pressure during shifts and then operate around 80-psi after that. The EPC fooler from Ryan’s Diesel Service provides for 230 psi of apply pressure at all times. It simply plugs in place of your current EPC solenoid for an easy, seamless install, and is the perfect addition for moderately-powered ’11-current GM HD’s. If you’re not quite ready to fork over the cash for a built Allison, this $49 part is well worth your while.

Source: https://ryansdieselservice.com/


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