Texas Teen Ram-pages Through Walmart in a 2500

That escalated quickly. A lovers’ quarrel ended in a Ram barrelling through a Texas Walmart, causing half a million dollars worth of damage.

Battering Ram: The moment the suspect plows through the store after attempting to run over his girlfriend.

Battering Ram: The moment the suspect plows through the store after attempting to run over his girlfriend. (Photo from San Angelo PD)

Caleb Wilson, 19, was shopping at the Walmart Supercenter in San Angelo with his 18-year-old girlfriend last Thursday when the two got into an argument. According to witnesses, the fight was serious enough that a female bystander intervened and advised the girlfriend to stay inside the store while Wilson stomped out.

Thinking the boyfriend had sufficiently cooled off, both women went outside, only to see Wilson’s 2001 Dodge Ram 2500 heading straight for them. The two barely managed to dodge the truck as it rammed through the front entrance.

After creating a makeshift drive-through, Wilson proceeded further into the Walmart. The bright red truck can be seen smashing multiple displays and toppling shelves in the bakery, produce, canned vegetables, and frozen foods section. According to witnesses, the teen also “burned rubber” at the front of the store before exiting.

Police arrived on the scene just as the Ram roared back out and collided with a Toyota Camry in the parking lot. The bright red truck then led police on a brief high-speed chase down the road, before coming to a stop at a nearby gas station.

Aftermath: Cleanup needed on aisles 1-36 (Photos from San Angelo PD)

As authorities swarmed the pickup, they found a “large amount” of fuel leaking under the quadcab and ordered an emergency shutdown of the station’s pumps. Police say Wilson exhibited “excited delirium” while being taken into custody, and was combative with hospital staff during his medical evaluation.

During his 15-minute Ram-page, Wilson is estimated to have caused $500,000 in damages. He faces one charge of first-degree felony criminal mischief and two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. No injuries were reported in the incident.

The Walmart was repaired overnight and was back in business the next day. As for the battering Ram, it remains immobilized with a burst fuel line.