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Abandoned Super Stock Truck?

Is the first tilt-body Super Stock diesel truck really wasting away on someone’s property on the East Coast? It looks like that may in fact be the case. History buffs and pulling fans will remember this Plumb Crazy Purple, second-gen Dodge, called “How Do You Like Me Now?” as being one of the most influential Super Stock trucks to ever compete in the sport. Originally owned by Dave Radzierez and then owned by Carl and Cory Atley, the truck disappeared from the Super Stock scene more than a decade ago. As it sits, it’s just a body on a frame. Everything else has been stripped off of it. Definitely a sad end for one of the pioneers of the pulling world.





Midwest Winter Nationals

One of the most prestigious indoor truck and tractor pulls has been relocated for 2021. January 14-16, the event formerly known as Gordyville (and now Gordywana) will be held at the Michiana Event Center (i.e. “The MEC”) in Shipshewana, Indiana. The new venue will host six sessions of pulling spread over a 3-day span, with 3.6-inch Pro Stock Diesel Trucks even getting in on the action Saturday night (January 16). During Saturday’s matinee, the 2.6-inch Pro Street Diesel Trucks will go on the hook, too. Other classes range from 1,950-pound Econo Mini-Rods to Limited Pro Stock and Super Stock tractors, all the way to 12,000-pound Farm Stocks.




It’s Back……

Across the pond, Volkswagen’s 2.0L TDI diesel is ready to comply with Euro 6d final emission standards. The four-cylinder TDI with the internal designation of EA 288 first debuted in 2012—and was at the epicenter of the DieselGate scandal. But now it’s back, and is being called the EA 288 evo. Its utilization of a twin-dosing SCR system has allowed both variants of the 2.0L engine destined for Golf 2.0 TDI to check in well below the Euro 6d NOx emission standard of 80 mg/km. Other improvements on the 2.0L TDI include a 25-percent increase in size for the radiator used in the low-pressure EGR system and injectors that can fire up to nine times per combustion cycle.





Opposed Piston Engine Achieves Ultra-Low NOx Emissions

Achates Power has produced an engine that satisfies the extremely tight NOx emission limit set forth by the California Air Resources Board, but that also doesn’t go into effect until 2027. The company’s opposed piston 10.6L engine measured 0.02 g/bhp-hr NOx over the FTP test cycle in its most recent testing. The engine still has yet to demonstrate its ability to comply with CARB’s low NOx limits over the low load cycle (LLC), but things look good so far. In addition to its low NOx emissions, the Achates Power engine emitted just 422 g/bhp-hr CO2 during the Supplemental Emissions Test (SET) cycle, which is lower than both the current EPA standard (460 g/bhp-hr) and the 2027 number of 432 g/bhp-hr.




Parts Rack


Bestop’s Flash Sale

If you’re looking for a set of powerboards or a tonneau cover for your truck, all of Bestop’s products are 10-percent off through December 31st. The company has been holding weekly flash sales and this is your best chance to save big on any accessories you might need. The flash sale entails a 10-percent mail-in rebate that’s valid on all Bestop products, with free ground shipping available for any order over $75. Even better yet, for a limited time 0-percent APR financing is available through Affirm.





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