Weekend Recap 9.25.2017


Truck of the Week

IMG DW-WEEKENDRECAP-SALTY-01 Salty Box cracks 200 mph (And then some!)

Our truck of the week is Tim Boyle’s awesome Salty Box Racing Cummins-powered Dodge that started off as a project that was totaled by a Moose. It’s a bit different now, as “Sooty” took a number of drivers in the 200+mph club. We’ll let Tim tell the story:

Another fun racing event at the ‘World of Speed’ After a wind hold all day Friday,Saturday arrived with good weather , Adam Rogers was driving Sooty first and managed to up the record to 211 mph . Sunday afternoon it was Shug Hanchards turn to drive, Shug upped the record to a solid 213 mph. Both Shug and Adam gaining membership to the 200mph club and getting their red hats.
We made a ‘tuning’ run on Sooty’s last run of the meet and managed 223 mph average in the last mile with a 225 mph exit speed.
Thanks again to, Ryan Milliken and Hardway Performance for EFI live tuning and other essential parts.
Sean P Cleary at SLS Performance and Diesel for the machine work and engine assembly.


Old Truck Prices Skyrocketing?


Need an Old Beater? Might be Surprised at the Cost

Now that new trucks are 60-80k fully equipped and filled with emissions issues, the price of older diesel trucks has skyrocketed in the past few years. Older Dodges take the lead–we’ve seen a 1st Gen 4×4 with a 40k asking price–but GM’s and Fords aren’t the $5000 trucks they used to be. If you’re looking to buy an older diesel most are in the 10-15k range, with some models (low mile 4 door Ford and clean low-mile Dodges) topping 20k. Is this a spike? Maybe. What are you willing to pay for an older truck?


How Far is Too Far?


Wheels Out, and Now Smaller?

We’re always on the lookout for new trends in diesels, and we’ve come across and interesting one. Not only do wheels seem to be getting further away from the truck, they seem to be smaller too–not the 2-foot wheels we’re used to. Large exhaust tips came and never went away with diesel trucks, so we have to ask….will the small wheels come and go? Or be a permanent trend?


Smoke vs Fire


War Wagon takes on Texas Diesel Power’s Dragster

Funny Car Chaos will be having a match race between Howard Farris’ “War Wagon” AA/Fuel Altered and John Robinson’s Texas Diesel Power Turbo Diesel Dragster. Both have made some outrageously fast passes, and while the altered will have the power advantage, John will have some wheelbase on the competition. If you’re anywhere near Northstar Dragway (Denton, Texas), come check out the action on the 29th and 30th!


Diesel vs Gas


Hardway Performance vs the World

Ryan Milliken has been one of the few guys who as jumped their Nova out into the wild world of competitive gas racing, but y’know, if there’s progress to be made, you have to push things. He competed in the NMCA World Finals, normally not a diesel race, but still qualified and went rounds. While he qualified at 5.10, his final 4.75 eighth-mile pass wasn’t bad, and was just within a few tenths of the leaders. More nitrous?


Does This Suburban Need a Diesel?


The Answer is Yes….

Looking for a fun diesel swap? We saw this gem off highway 20, just outside of Grass Valley, CA. The 8 door (!) Suburban was a previous asset of Yellowstone National Park, and somehow ended up in this guy’s junkyard. He had two of them, and was asking $9000 a piece, which we think was about double a fair asking price. But how cool would one of these be with a Duramax, Cummins, or even 8V92 Detroit?!


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