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Jason Sands


Colorado Horsepower Wars

Running the Gauntlet at ATS Diesel How much power does it make? This is perhaps the first question that’s asked of any hot rod, diesel or otherwise. Dyno numbe...

Ludicrous Speed

Hypermax Engineering’s incredible 3,000-hp Dragster Diesels are known for making some serious horsepower and torque, but if you want to skip past all that and g...


A 1,200-HP PULLER BUILT TO DOMINATE Mitch Meinhart is a diesel guy, there’s no doubt about it. While he doesn’t own his own diesel shop, he still decided to do...

Cuba by Diesel

OIL BURNERS RUNNING STRONG ON THE ISLAND PARADISE Hola from Cuba! Cross off another bucket list destination and pass the cerveza. In spite of Castro and the em...