Rockin’ The Rollers: Industrial Injection’s 2016 Dyno Day and Truck Show

Industrial Injection has been home to some of the highest horsepower diesel trucks on the planet for a number of years now, so it should come as no surprise that they host their own dyno day at their Salt Lake City shop. As a part of the Northwest Dyno Circuit’s tour, a number of classes were available for entry, from stock to unlimited, and everything in between.

Racing is a big part of Industrial Injection’s business, so it should come as no surprise that they own a 2,000 horsepower nitrous-assisted Duramax-powered drag truck, that has run in the 9’s at more than 150mph. Also on display was Wade Moody’s awesome Duramax-powered dragster, which has run low 7’s in the quarter mile, at more than 190 mph.
For those looking for something a bit different, Kellan Meadows’ Ram had virtually every off-road upgrade you can throw at a diesel, including an attention-drawing side-exit stack through the front flared fender.
Normally, you won’t get to see under the hood of Shawn Baca’s mysterious 2,474 horsepower “Master Shredder 2” dyno/sled pulling truck, but at Industrial Injection the hood was popped and the wild triple cp3, triple 106mm turbo system was on full display.

In addition to the three dynos on the premises (more than we’ve ever seen at any event), there were a number of diesel race vehicles, as well as show stoppers. Welderup (the shop behind Discovery Channel’s “Vegas Rat Rods” show) had a unique Caterpillar-powered ride there, Industrial Injection had a couple of their race trucks on display, and Weaver Customs brought its unreal “TorC” Cuda. The lines and attention to detail on the Cuda were second to none, and the compound-turbo, 6.7L-powered Cummins was fitted in the cleanest engine bay we’ve ever seen.

With a long day of full-power pulls ahead, the festivities started at 9:00 A.M. sharp, with all three dynos available for competitors to use. The trucks at Industrial were a wide cross-section of the diesel public, as everything from brand-new ’15 or ’16 trucks to OBS Power Strokes could be seen lined up for their turn to run on the rollers. We saw license plates from all over–Utah of course, but Idaho and Wyoming were also well represented.

Industrial’s open house floorplan featured plenty of room for a variety of creations, including this wild CAT-powered tracked rod built by Steve Darnell at Welderup.
Another show stopper was the “TorC” Cuda built by Randy Weaver at Weaver Customs. The big “C” in the name stands for Cummins, as the Mopar is powered by a 6.7L compound turbo Cummins engine, and shifted via a manual valvebody 48RE Dodge transmission.
In addition to Industrial Injection’s Dynojet, twin Superflow load-cell dynos were available to participants who wanted to spin the rollers. One dyno ran mostly stock or single turbo trucks, while the second dyno was reserved for high-horsepower compound turbo or unlimited class rides.

Between Industrial Injection’s in-shop dyno and the outdoor Superflows, a vendors row was available for parts perusing, as competitors and spectators alike could check out the latest in turbos, tuners, hard parts, and vehicle accessories. With companies like ATS, Premier Performance and Edge on hand, there was something for just about everyone.

The dyno day started with a large group of Stock class trucks. because of its compound turbo setup, 6.4L Fords were separated into a different class. It’s a good thing they were, as Taylor Wood’s 645 horsepower run in his Ford dwarfed the top non-6.4L power reading; Austin Elmore’s 557 horsepower pull. Modified Single saw the winner flirting with the four-digit mark, as Dan Madden’s Duramax cranked out an impressive 940 rear-wheel horsepower with an 88mm turbo.

Dallas Theobald from H&S Motorsport brought a pretty interesting ride to Utah, a 6.7L-powered longbed two-wheel drive Ford with a drop-in turbo, H&S Dual Fueler, and H&S tuning. Expectations were about 650hp at the wheels, but unfortunately rains came before Dallas ever was able to run on the rollers.
One truck that did spin up the dyno to ludicrous levels was Jason Schaffer’s compound turbo Cummins, which featured a giant atmospheric turbo that made the engine bay seem more Borgwarner than Cummins. Jason took top honors in the Compound Turbo class with a 1,282-hp dyno run.
With a 66mm turbocharger T&C Diesel CP3 pump and tuning by Higher Power Performance, John Milligan told us he’d be happy in the mid 500 horsepower range. Much to his surprise, the Matte Metallic Charcoal ’15 Ram 3500 laid down an impressive 617 horsepower.
With a sticker on the rear window that said “Got Twins?” we expected this low-smoke Ram to lay down some good numbers, and it didn’t disappoint, with a 696 horsepower dyno pull.
‘Second Wind Performance lived up to its name, with a mammoth 106mm Garrett turbo as the atmospheric ‘charger on this compound turbocharged Ram. The Dodge laid down a number of runs of more than 1,000 horsepower to the tires.

A big step up in performance took place in the Compound Turbo and Unlimited classes, which saw a number of competitors blast past the coveted 1,000 horsepower mark. In Compound Turbo, Justin Archibald hit 1,056 horsepower, good enough for Fourth, while Louie Fichtmer was in Third with 1,081 to the wheels. From there it was a big jump to Mike Mikstes’ ride which made an incredible 1,271 hp pull, that was just edged out by Jason Schaffer at 1,282 hp for the win. Unlimited saw the highest power numbers of the competition, with Dan Madden making an impressive 1,237 hp with nitrous, and Trevor Peterson taking the overall win with a huge 1,357 hp reading from his Duramax.

As the day went on, more and more thunder clouds loomed in the distance, and in the early afternoon, Industrial Injection’s dyno day unfortunately had to be shorted due to rain. Still, with the amount of dynos on hand, more than 70 trucks were able to hit the rollers to see what they were made of. With the amount of hard work and dedication put forth by Industrial Injection and the NWDC, 2016 was definitely a year to remember.

“In addition to the three dynos on the premises (more than we’ve ever seen at any event), there were a number of diesel race vehicles, as well as show stoppers”

There was plenty of older diesels hitting the rollers, like Zach Gibson’s 7.3L-powered ride. With a Pius Eberle-built QSB turbo and mild Hypermax injectors, the Power Stroke made a respectable 457 hp.
Another big horsepower truck in attendance was Cody Hopkins ’07 6.7L Cummins with triple 74mm turbochargers. The gale force winds from the triples helped the manual transmission Dodge put down an impressive 1,073 hp to the tires.
We spotted this unique Ram that was lifted way past normal standards, in order to fit massive 46-inch tires. The owner reported that the big Dodge was able to still achieve 17 mpg on the highway, thanks to an efficient compound turbo setup.
Trevor Peterson snuck in just in time as the rain started to fall, with his GMC powered by an Industrial Injection Duramax race engine. The monster GM was the highest horsepower truck in attendance, with a 1,357 horsepower run!

Results (Presented by the NWDC)

Stock Diesel


  1. Austin Elsmore 557
  2. Robert Gonzales 524
  3. Ben Nehil 513
  4. Brad Puls 509
  5. Julio Lara 484
  6. Jordan Lochhead 484
  7. Colton Watkins 470
  8. Jeff Muir 467
  9. Robert Davis 466
  10. Jordan Willie 465
  11. Brenden Anderson 464
  12. Hunter Lloyd 447
  13. John Dickerson 442
  14. Allen Wolfe 439
  15. Dakota Slaugh 432
  16. Austin Lloyd 414
  17. Cody Cole 398
  18. Zane Anderson 310
  19. Jeremy Williams 305
  20. Payton Gonzales 291
  21. Hadley Russell 179

Stock Diesel (6.4L Ford)


  1. Taylor Wood 645
  2. John Walker 625
  3. Justin Bishop 570

Modified Single


  1. Dan Madden 940
  2. Matt Logan 836
  3. Trent Hibberd 787
  4. Robert Hinton 733
  5. Skyler Farley 732
  6. Trent Burke 731
  7. Cody Bramwell 692
  8. Levi Royer 661
  9. Kelly Gause 645
  10. Jake Bolen 630
  11. John Milligan 617
  12. Andy Hensley 585
  13. Brian McKay 560
  14. Zachary Palacious 554
  15. Craig Morgan 513
  16. Tyler Saby 496
  17. Casey Ingersoll 488
  18. Shawn Smith 471
  19. Zach Gibson 457
  20. Tyler Murphy 416
  21. Challis Anderson 375

Compound Turbo


  1. Jason Schaffer 1,282
  2. Mike Mikstes 1,271
  3. Louie Fichtmer 1,081
  4. Justin Archibald 1,056
  5. Tyler Stevensen 873
  6. Randy Jones 824
  7. David Dudleston 784
  8. Dustin Davis 747
  9. Zach Farber 740
  10. Bart Timothy 707
  11. Bob Berends 698
  12. Vantz Potts 688
  13. Derick Dayton 658
  14. Alex Brown 644
  15. Nick Wagner 606
  16. Brady Christensen 543
  17. Caleb Ward 518
  18. Casey Adams 507
  19. Coy Manwill 204



  1. Trevor Peterson 1,357
  2. Dan Madden 1,237
  3. Cody Hopkins 1,073

Sidebar: (With images 19; 20; 21)

Premier Performance’s SIX PACK

As a parts wholesaler for a majority of the diesel industry, Premier Performance wanted to build something to showcase the parts they sell, and ended up with one of the wildest creations to come down the pike in a while. Dubbed the “Six Pack” thanks to the six Nitrous Express bottles in the bed, Premier was quick to point out that the Six Pack wasn’t just a show queen; it could make power too. Strapped to Industrial Injection’s inertia dyno, the rod made 845 horsepower on fuel, and then a wild 1,046 with two out of the six bottles open. Power also came on so fast when the boost and nitrous hit on the second run, that the truck went from 600 horsepower at 105 mph, to more than 1,000 at 110 mph; just a few tenths of a second later. While there were trucks that made more power, none were more violent or awesome than Premier’s Six Pack.

Industrial Injection

North West Dyno Circuit

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