Diesel News – Will Hydrogen Replace Diesel?

Truck Of The Week

The New Dyno King

In a rematch with Northwest Dyno Circuit’s SuperFlow at the annual Weekend On The Edge event, Chris Patterson’s dually cleared 3,401 hp. That’s right. It means he’s the new dyno king of the diesel world—a well-deserved honor for a die-hard competitor who’s done a bit of everything lately. Prior to trekking up to Utah, Chris and his “Green with Envy” Dodge completed Race Week 2.0, a 1,500-mile, track-to-track event that emphasizes drivability just as much as fast timeslips. This go-’round, there would be no tire slip like there was at U.C.C., and there was also a gargantuan torque number of 4,556 lb-ft. Next stop: 3,500 hp! If you missed it and want to see how it went down, unedited, head to our Facebook page for the event stream.

Source: https://www.edgeproducts.com/weekendontheedge/



Engine Of The Week

Van Haisley’s Billet-Aluminum Block Cummins

If you ever wanted to start learning about the kings of sled pulling, the 7,500-pound Super Stock 4×4 Diesel Trucks, you need to watch the video linked below. In it, Haisley Machine’s Van Haisley, driver, and builder of Rock Hard Ram share a bundle of info about the class as well as his triple-turbo Cummins engine package with the folks from Mahle USA. How does 165-psi of boost and more than 3,600 hp out of 391 cubic inches sound!? Then there is the mention of Haisley’s new billet-aluminum block, which Van reveals has been in development for five years now. Check it out. Better yet, check this class out in person as soon as possible!

Source: https://www.facebook.com/mahleusa/videos/636614148191464


Ryan Milliken Goes 4.32 at 170 MPH

It was a wild weekend for Ryan Milliken and his radial tire, billet-aluminum Cummins-powered Nova. First, a shutdown disaster was averted thanks to 1) having two parachutes on the car…because one tiny bur in the cable was all it took to keep one of the chutes from deploying, and 2) the fact that he was running eighth-mile on a quarter-mile track. Then, an input shaft failure called for him to borrow a good friend’s brand-new TH400 so he could continue racing. Later on, Ryan would send another turbo into orbit, start a small fire, and make some of the car’s Glacier Blue paint a bit crispy—but this 4.32-second timeslip made it all worth it.

Source: https://hardwayperformance.com/




Wagler Fall Nationals

Make plans for a trip to Wagler Motorsports Park now, the Wagler Fall Nationals will be here before you know it. Things are set to kick off on Friday, September 30 with the Daily Driver and Outlaw Race (racing starts at 7 pm). Saturday, October 1 will feature a WRV car show and a test ‘n tune session from 11 am to 3. In the evening, the truck and tractor pull kicks off at 6 o’clock. The 3.0 smooth bore (Limited Pro Stock) trucks, Pro Stock tractors, and Southern Indiana Farm Stocks will all be on the ticket, along with an Outlaw Diesel Truck class that will see Wagler’s blown Duramax two-wheel drive “Shop Truck” make its long-awaited return to the dirt.

Source: https://waglermotorsportspark.com/



OEM News

2020 Ram 1500 Limited EcoDiesel
Last Call to Purchase a Ram 1500 EcoDiesel

After nearly a decade of production, Ram is pulling the plug on the 3.0L EcoDiesel. Right now, the automaker is offering potential buyers a final chance to order a Ram 1500 EcoDiesel model before production ceases in January 2023. “Our Ram EcoDiesel V-6 engine has delighted consumers with the highest half-ton diesel torque rating and towing capability while being the first to exceed 1,000 miles of range,” Ram brand CEO – Stellantis, Mike Koval Jr., was quoted as saying. “As we pivot toward an electrified future, we wanted to celebrate this last EcoDiesel milestone by offering our loyal light-duty diesel enthusiasts a final opportunity to order the truck they love.” Looks like electric wins again…

Source: https://media.stellantisnorthamerica.com/newsrelease.do?id=24274&mid=1




Hydrogen Instead of Diesel

As climate protection continues to dictate the business model of all OEMs, Freudenberg and ZF Friedrichshafen AG are combining forces to develop a modular-like, fuel cell-based drive system for heavy-duty trucks. With decarbonization, a major goal of the transport industry, the duo’s fuel cell technology might be a game-changer. They aim to develop a highly integrated hybrid fuel cell/battery drive system for heavy-duty commercial vehicles. Freudenberg and ZF Friedrichshafen AG have stated that the initial focus will be on trucks and buses, but that the technology could also be applied to rail, construction, and even agriculture later on.

Source: https://www.freudenberg.com/



Parts Rack

S&B’s Build Your Own Air Filter Tool

Can’t find the right size air filter for your custom intake or existing cold air intake system? S&B Filter’s new custom air filter builder allows you to specify the perfect element for your needs. Choose your flange id, overall height, and base and top od, S&B will take care of the rest—including getting it manufactured and shipped out within 3 to 5 days. Custom air filters are available in either cotton cleanable or dry extendable filter media. S&B’s custom air filters use the same silicone employed in all of its products, which is rated to handle temperatures as high as 400 degrees F.

Source: https://www.sbfilters.com/


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