Matthew Hoerauf purchased his 2017 Magnetic Metallic F-350 Super Duty solely as a tow vehicle. Needless to say, that “sole” purpose didn’t last very long. Matt had been involved in the custom car/truck scene for the better part of 15 years and was no stranger to custom builds. Matt owns Select OffRoad in Odessa, Texas, where they specialize in all varieties of custom auto work. His lifelong goal was to build something worthy of the SEMA Show. Knowing what he wanted to do, Matt got in touch with Robbie Bryant from KEG Media to discuss his ideas and create a rendering. “Having a vehicle in the SEMA Show was my dream, and I knew KEG Media could help me achieve it.” With the help from Robbie and Matt’s counterparts at Select OffRoad, the road to SEMA began.


As with many truck builds, the suspension was the focal point. Matt went with a choice popular with many Ford dually owners—the Kelderman 5-6” suspension. Complementing the new air ride suspension is a set of Fox 2.0 reservoirs shocks on the front and rear and Carli adjustable traction bars. To show off his new suspension, Matt had much of the undercarriage painted lollipop red, including the front and rear differentials.

Getting the Ford up in the air and clearing those 37-inch Toyo’s is a suspension system from Kelderman that is fully adjustable via four heavy-duty air bags.


Big time suspension requires big time wheels and tires. Matt bolted on set of 24-inch American Force wheels wrapped in 37×13.50-34 Toyo M/T. Then it was time to add the body bling. The Super Duty was outfitted with a Gravel Empire grill and a set of Fusion bumpers, complete with Rigid Q series LED lights in the front and Rigid Dually XLs in the rear. If that isn’t bright enough for you, how about the addition of a Rigid Q series 20’’ light bar on top and some A-series lights on the under carriage? To finish off the lighting, Matt sent his headlights to Bullseye Retros for a complete customization. “I had the go big or go home mentality with this build,” he said.“I knew my truck wouldn’t be complete without some customizing of the interior.”

The Kelderman suspension system continues out back via a 4-link and more air bags.
24-inch American Forces wrapped with 37-inch Toyo M/T’s

After all the exterior details were complete, the truck was sent off to Alchemy Customs for the latest-and-greatest Alea leather with 3D solido inserts. The original black leather theme was kept, with the addition of red inserts and doublestitched front and rear seats. Rounding out the interior was a custom iPad in-dash mount! At this point, Matt’s truck was nearly complete, but no true gearhead leaves the power department alone. To give the power stroke a little life, Matt installed a PPEI EZLYNK programmer and a Magnaflow 4-inch exhaust.


EZ LYNK’s custom dash panel has one of the coolest and cleanest sets of gauges available and allows for full engine management from the driver’s seat. It looks like highend factory equipment.

The truck build was completed in a miraculous 30 days and was a feature vehicle at the 2017 SEMA Show. “I would like to thank my wife Traci for all her support during all the long hours of work we put into this build. I would also like to thank my crew at Select OffRoad and KEG Media for making my dreams come true.”


The interior was treated to Alea leather, with a 3D solido leather insert.





OWNER: Matthew Hoeruf
HOMETOWN: Odessa, Texas
ENGINE: Power Stroke
EXHAUST: Magnaflow
SUSPENSION: Kelderman 5-6” air suspension with 4 link, Viair compressor/tanks, Fox 2.0 shocks, Carli adjustable traction bars
BODY/EXTERIOR: Dually, red painted bed liner, electronic steps
PAINT/WRAP: Magnetic Metallic/Tuxedo Black
BUMPERS: Fusion, Gravel Empire grille
LIGHTING: Rigid Q series, Rigid 20-inch light bar, Rigid dually XL, Rigid A-series under carriage lighting, Bullseye Retro headlights.
INTERIOR: Alea leather/3d solido insert
WHEELS: 24” American Force
TIRES: 37×13.50-24 Toyo M/T

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