Triple CP3 6.4L Power Stroke Diesel V8
Triple CP3 6.4L Power Stroke Diesel V8

Triple CP3 6.4L

Leave it to Tommy Hassler, builder and driver of a wild P-pumped 7.3L Power Stroke puller, to piece together an equally awesome Blue Oval. His 6.4L-powered Ford is equipped with triple CP3’s. The high-pressure pumps mount in a custom gear housing and will be belt-driven off of the crankshaft. While we don’t know what the truck’s turbo (or turbo combination) will be, the absence of a firewall leads us to believe this project will be much more serious than a street-type puller. Also check out those clear rocker boxes. There is nothing quite like peering into a V-8 engine to watch the valvetrain operate.


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