This cool 6×6 Ford was built by Skeeter Brush Trucks to combat wildland fires, and was outfitted with all of the bells and whistles. We’d hate to see the price tag.

Moving Towards Danger, Rather Than Away From It

America’s first responders are some of the bravest individuals in the world. Most people would rather run away from dangerous situations and hope they make it out unscathed before deciding to turn around and help others. First responders, are the ones who run into the fires, gunfights, and into danger. In order to get to the scene, these workers need vehicles that are dependable and won’t fail them when under pressure. Diesel engines are integral for ambulances, fire trucks, and police response units. These diesels have the performance to arrive on-scene in a timely manner while also retaining their durability to withstand harsh conditions. Not only are the engines powerful and strong, but they’re also more efficient, which is excellent for the giant fire trucks that carry hundreds of pounds of heavy equipment and tools. Below, we’ll look over some iconic first responder vehicles with diesel engines, and show how their powerplants restore faith in humanity.

2005 Mack MR688P FDNY Collapse Rescue

New York City is one of the world’s biggest hotspots for business, tourism, and travel. As a result of the large population, the government needs sufficient vehicles to deal with emergencies of all sorts. As structures became taller and larger, the potential dangers of fires rapidly rose, as seen with the September 11th Attacks. One of the units that specializes in high-rise fires and rubble recovery, is the Collapse Rescue Unit. The members of this unit specialize in recovering individuals lost in collapsed structures and will typically arrive on scene to buildings that are at risk of collapse due to a fire. Running into scalding rubble and recovering those who are buried or stuck is surely a risky and scary job, and that’s why the members of this unit deserve excellent recognition for their bravery. As far as the actual truck itself, it is a diesel truck specially fitted for the likes of the NYPD. The body itself was built by Ferrara and then constructed on top of a Mack chassis and cab. The truck itself has a 375 horsepower diesel engine and also has an Allison 4000EVS automatic transmission. With the power from those combined components, this truck can make its way through the city with ease and strength.

In addition to the powerful engine, this diesel rig features a lot of various tools and instruments that are used to help remove rubble from the debris of collapsed buildings. Some of the tools in the truck include concrete-cutting chainsaws, leveling devices, fiber optic locators, welding machines, carpentry-focused nail guns, endoscopic cameras, and many other devices. With the assortment of tools, a sturdy engine, and a set of brave men and women, this unit can accomplish anything under the sun!

NYPD International MaxxForce MRAP ESU 1892 ERV-1

Considering NYC is a hotspot for all types of people, sometimes individuals with negative intentions like to act out. As a result, the NYPD has multiple armored trucks to disband groups or individuals with intent to harm. One of the more iconic trucks in their fleet is a Navistar Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicle, which is an armored rig with its roots in private defense contracting and US military applications. Ideally, having to use a rig like this is reserved for extreme situations, but the NYPD has its bets placed, and has the equipment necessary if such a situation were to take place. The truck itself is fitted with a laundry list of defensive technologies including armor strong enough to withstand a direct RPG attack, a specially fitted V-shaped hull to deflect blasts, and a suspension system capable of off-road and on-road applications. With all the armor and technologies fitted, the truck is capped off with an International MaxxForce D9.3I6 diesel engine capable of creating nearly 400 horsepower. This rig if a force to be reckoned with, and if it gets deployed, then you better move out the way!

2011 Jerr-Dan Heavy Wrecker NYPD PED 6988

With EMS and fire to help those in distress, and the police to uphold the law, another group deserving of recognition are cleanup crews as they help alleviate high-stress situations and prevent worsening of volatile situations. This NYPD tow truck is a diesel rig that assists with moving large vehicles out of the way and has been used for moving vehicles stopping traffic, vehicles that were compromised from fires or hazardous materials, and transporting other heavy vehicles such as fire trucks. By removing dangerous objects and keeping the flow of traffic smooth, the Traffic Enforcement Unit assists in upholding a steady motion of citizens, allowing them to continue on their day without being impeded by alternative and external situations. It’s a known fact that when a city gets congested and scattered with junk, further crime, paranoia, and issues can take place. That’s the exact reason why the NYPD has this truck, and has it on stand-by to use when necessary.

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