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DW-DIESELNEWS-01New Wagler Rail

The folks at Wagler Competition Products are at it again. This time, they’ve pieced together a one-of-a-kind dragster we hope to see in action very soon. An all-billet Wagler Duramax is the obvious choice for propulsion, and, similar to the Screwed Coupe creation the Odon, Indiana company had a big hand in, this project’s forced induction will come by way of a PSI screw blower. The custom blower will be accompanied by a Nitrous Express system. What do you think? Will a Wagler-built dragster raise the bar even further for the Duramax name, or (better yet) be a threat to Scheid Diesel’s reign at the top of the diesel rail segment? Stay tuned…
Source: https://www.waglercompetition.com/




Taking to the Salt

For years, owner of Hardway Performance, Ryan Milliken, has been asked to pilot some of the fastest diesels on the planet in addition to tuning them. This includes the G&J Diesel DirtyMax and his own 4-second, 170mph eighth-mile Cummins Nova. This week, he’s traveling to the Bonneville salt flats to handle driving duties for Salty Box Racing. The team plans to set a new record with its ‘08 Ram 2500-based land speed racer. With the current record sitting at 228 mph for this particular category (DT), Ryan will have his work cut out for him as he covers the 5-mile course. Or will he?
Source: http://www.scta-bni.org/



It’s The Big One

The fourth weekend of August is quickly approaching, and for 10,000-plus diesel enthusiasts that means a trip to Terre Haute, Indiana for the Scheid Diesel Extravaganza is in store. The iconic event may have been compressed into a 2-day affair for 2019 (August 23-24), but that doesn’t mean there will be any less action. In fact, the recently released schedule shows a jam-packed program with the vendor midway, exhibition hall, dyno competition, and show ‘n shine all kicking off at 9 a.m., followed by Limited Pro Stock and Pro Street Diesel Truck class qualifying at 11. Immediately after that, drag racing over at Crossroads Dragway commences at 1. The night time truck and tractor pulls will begin at 7 p.m. on both Saturday and Sunday.

OEM News

DW-DIESELNEWS-04Nissan Hacks the Titan XD Cummins

After the fallout from its quarterly report revealed record losses, Nissan has announced plans to kill production of the Cummins-powered Titan XD in December. It’s hard to say exactly why the automaker decided to discontinue the diesel option as Nissan doesn’t disclose sales numbers for the diesel engine specifically, but sales figures indicate a sharp decline in all Titan sales for 2019. In 2017, some 52,924 Titans drove off dealer lots, 50,459 in 2018, and just 20,268 so far this year (through July). Nissan spokesperson Wendy Orthman said the decision was made to “help better position Nissan in the long term as we prepare for the launch of the new, dramatically refreshed 2020 Titan and Titan XD later this year.”


Emission News

DW-DIESELNEWS-05CA Pushes for Zero Emissions Off-Road Equipment

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has announced a $40 million program intended to stimulate further use of zero-emission off-road freight technology in the Golden state. Called the Clean Off-Road Equipment Voucher Incentive Project (or CORE), the program will entail a voucher process for equipment buyers to receive funds to help offset the costs of zero-emission equipment (cargo-handling, terminal tractors, transport refrigeration units, etc.). Business owners can receive as much as $180,000 to cover the difference between a zero-emission tractor and one that’s powered by diesel. The CORE program also specifies that funds awarded cannot exceed $500,000 per piece of zero-emission equipment.
Source: https://www.dieselnet.com/news/2019/08carb.php




Used German Diesels to Receive SCR Retrofit Kits

The German Motor Transport Authority (the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt, or KBA) has given the green light to the first retrofit SCR systems for diesel cars. The first two kits are applicable to ’08-’17 model Daimler vehicles with the Mercedes OM651 diesel engine and Volvo-produced vehicles with the R5 diesel. This news comes following the diesel bans taking place throughout portions of many German cities in response to the Volkswagen Dieselgate scandal. The SCR retrofit systems are believed to have been produced as a result of German consumer groups pressuring automakers to endorse hardware that would reduce NOx emissions on used diesel cars without forcing consumers to purchase brand-new vehicles.
Source: https://www.dieselnet.com/news/2019/08kfb.php


Parts Rack

60-Gallon S&B Fuel Tank for Late-Model CCSB Fords

Looking for to get more range out of your ’11-’16 Power Stroke crew cab, short bed? S&B Tanks (parent company, S&B Filters) is now offering a 60-gallon factory replacement tank, which obliterates the factory 26-gallon unit used on the CCSB ’11-’16 trucks. Made of cross-linked polyethylene, the fully-baffled tank comes with a new sending unit O-ring and float rod. To make recalibration easy, S&B even teamed up with EZ Lynk to make adjusting your “Distance to Empty” a cinch. In addition to that, S&B’s 60-gallon tank can be used as an auxiliary tank, even shipping equipped with a provision to add a sump in the lowest part of it. Dual-coated installation hardware and no cutting or drilling being required for the 2-to-3-hour install make S&B’s latest creation a win-win for any Super Duty owner.
Source: https://www.sbtanks.com/

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