DWI – Using Social Media For Your Small Business

Small Business Social Media Tips

In today’s world, social media is king. Whether you like it as a business owner or not, it’s undeniable to amount of reach your business has at it’s fingertips when you make for the right social media presence. But how do you know you’re using it right, or to it’s full potential? Here are some tips, whether you’re a beginner or an expert.


Target Channels

Know which social media avenue is going to offer the best interaction with your specific target customers. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap Chat, YouTube, etc… where are your efforts best spent? Do you need presence in all of them? Maybe survey a small sampling of customers to see what is most preferred? If you already have social media presence, compare your audiences in each. Which offers the most engagement, which is most efficient and spreading your message? Don’t spread yourself too thin, focus on the ones you really have time for, or ones you can succeed with.

Simplify the Content

Yes, creating content takes time, and keeping it fresh, relevant, and interesting takes even more time. So focus on keeping it simple. Focus on your companies specialties. Highlight specific products or just be consistent in what you share. Branding yourself and your social media content can help you stand our from the competition. Be professional in what your share, check your grammar, check your spelling. It’s little things, but it goes a long ways in making your look like a legit business people will want to work with in the future.


Know the Competition

Having a competitor that is targeting your same customers base won’t always be a negative for you. Follow them, watch them, see what they’ve done that worked, what didn’t work, use that knowledge to improve your social media strategies. Word to the wise. Pay attention to the biggest competition, they didn’t get that popular and successful for no reason. They’ve been doing something right, maybe you can learn from their example. How often do they post? What time of day? Pay attention not only to follower counts, but overall engagement rates.


Automate Posts

Put in the effort to automate your posts, this will ensure you have the time to focus on what will help your business and social media presence. Managing several social media networks can be challenging and streamline the process with their automation tools can simplify your life. There are online tools and apps to help with this as well. Some will allow you to create just one post and share it to all of your different accounts at once, whether you post it live, or schedule for a later time. These tools can help with that consistency and reduce the time you spend making it happen.


Engage your Audience

Setup an engagement metric to track the content you post and start trying new things. Post videos, quizzes, live stream. Maybe post pictures of just the product, customers using the product, try some jokes, create memes that relate to your business or product. Then review that content, what worked? What at the most engagement from your followers? Using Social Media for your business is a constant experiment, don’t be afraid to innovate.



Pay attention to the mentions your company receives online in posts from your customer base. If you’re doing things right, people will talk about you on social media. Try and follow that chatter and interact where you can. Also, respond to direct contact to you from followers. If they ask a question, respond. It goes a long ways. Your followers want and need to be heard. Are your listening? Make communication with them, that’s a key priority in a growing business.