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Truck Of The Week

Chris Patterson Takes On Race Week

Chris Patterson of Unrivaled Diesel is quickly becoming diesel’s new iron man. For Race Week (version 2.0 of Rocky Mountain Raceweek, the version without the mountains), Chris is taking his solid block, Cummins, on the 1,200-mile, track-to-track journey. The first leg of the tour entailed a 190-mile haul north to Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Noble, Oklahoma. After a trouble-free drive, Chris’s green monster ran a 5.96-second eighth mile competing in the Rowdy Radial class. And after smoking the second gear band in the transmission, Chris and the crew had to pull and repair the 48RE overnight but were ready for action on Day 2—as well as the 220-mile drive to the Texas Motorplex in Ennis.

Source: https://www.unrivaleddiesel.com/




A Bosch CP9 in place of a CP3?

Just what S&S Diesel Motorsport has in mind for this Bosch CP9 high-pressure fuel pump we don’t yet know, but we can tell you that it will have all the fuel you’ll ever need! When multiple CP3s aren’t going to cut it for the horsepower you’re aiming for, you turn to a pump off of a massive engine application. For a bit of perspective, you can typically find the CP9 bolted to QSK50, QSK60, and/or QSK78 engines… One thing’s for sure, big power is on the way for someone, somewhere. This is no surprise from the S&S camp. After all, these are the guys that nearly pushed a Duramax to the 3,000hp mark on the engine dyno several years back.

Source: https://ssdiesel.com/


The Billet-Aluminum Blocks Are Multiplying At Hardway Performance

What could possibly be better than one billet-aluminum Cummins block? How about two billet-aluminum Cummins blocks? That’s the way things appear to be going at Hardway Performance headquarters, home of the Glacier Blue Cummins-powered Nova. Rumor has it that this block will serve as the foundation in the other Pro Mod diesel sitting in owner Ryan Milliken’s stable. Look for a certain C7 Corvette to emerge from the Florida panhandle in the near future packing a billet Cummins power plant, a sizable single turbo, a bit of nitrous, and plenty of S&S fueling.

Source: https://hardwayperformance.com/


Cummins Carnage

It happens…even to the almighty Cummins. After the folks at Hassler Diesel pulled the head off of this Cummins, it was a textbook example of dropping a valve seat. Surprisingly, failure is actually more common than you might think. If the pistons in your Cummins survive the hit in this type of failure, make sure your new head is treated to these insurance items: 1. Get oversize valve seats, 2. Make sure the oversize valve seats are heat-treated, and 3. Make certain that the new valve seats are radiused on the head-mating side so that they can be pressed into the head deeper than the factory versions.

Source: https://www.hasslerdiesel.com/




Dates Announced For U.C.C. 2023

It’s official. The dates are set for Ultimate Callout Challenge 2023, and they are June 2-4. And as has been the case since 2017, the host venue will continue to be in Indy, via Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park. Rumor has it that the one truck for all three events rule may return in ’23, as it’s up for deliberation between U.C.C. officials and competitors at this time. Once we know the answer, we’ll relay the news. Either way, schedule your vacation days and book your hotel rooms now. There are 4-second eighth-miles to be had and a 3,336 hp number to beat on the dyno…

Source: https://ultimatecalloutchallenge.com/




The State Of Global Air Report

The sky is falling again, but not in America this time. With some of the most stringent emissions regulations in the world, the U.S. failed to make the list of the globe’s highest-polluting cities for fine particulate matter (PM2.5) or nitrogen dioxide (NO2). According to a report put together by the Health Effects Institute (HEI), 1.7 million deaths were linked to PM2.5 emissions, using data gathered from more than 7,000 cities positioned all around the world. Oddly enough, the report shows that exposures to PM2.5 tend to be higher in low to middle-income countries, while exposure to NO2 is high across cities with high income as well as low and middle-income countries. The top PM2.5 polluters include Delhi, India, Kolkata, India, Kano, Nigeria, Lima, Peru, and Dhaka, Bangladesh while the highest NO2 polluting cities include Shanghai, China, Moscow, Russia, Tehran, Iran, Saint Petersburg, Russia, and Beijing, China.

Source: https://dieselnet.com/news/2022/08hei.php


Buy American, Buy Riffraff

You work and play in the USA, so why buy parts made somewhere else? Your Power Stroke deserves the best—and you can find everything you need for your Ford at Riffraff Diesel. The family-owned, Oregon-based company’s innovative billet CNC parts are engineered, machined, assembled, and packaged right here in America. From its beautifully engineered 6061-T6 billet-aluminum upgrades to its fully-stocked inventory of OEM Ford, International, and Motorcraft parts at discount pricing, Riffraff is your one-stop shop for all of your towing, racing, and daily driving needs.

Source: https://www.riffraffdiesel.com/


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